2015 Ministry Plan

For Jesus, and for Broadway, Every Story Matters.  As followers of Jesus we are called to hear the stories of others, we are called to share our own stories, and we are called to learn together God’s story, the story of our shared faith.

This Ministry Plan will do two things: 1. On the surface, it will tell the story of Broadway’s ministries in terms of plans, progress, and challenges.  2. But at a deeper level, it will tell the story of God’s relationship with Broadway.

Come back to this page and the more detailed plans linked to on this page; the plans will be updated throughout 2015 just as we did in 2014. 

Here are the components of the plan you will find below:  

  • How we did in 2014
  • Summaries and links to detailed plans for: Outreach, Children and Families, Youth, Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, and Music and Worship
  • Information about how we invest your gifts, our target budget for 2015, and information about Generosity Opportunities
  • Data on church attendance and giving

How did we do in 2014?

  • We continued to strengthen the relationship between Broadway and its young adults by establishing a new Sunday School class comprised primarily of young adults without children. In early 2015 we ordained three young adults as deacons, in addition to two ordained last year. Young leaders are stepping up and older leaders are embracing this.
  • Our small group ministry began experimenting with in-home groups, and added new components on Wednesday nights and over the summer.
  • We increased our attendance in all our choirs (adults, youth, and children).

  • We cleared a large backlog of accounting issues, implemented new financial software, and added a part-time position to help maintain our improved accounting practices.

  • We contributed over $100,000 to missions causes in our community, nation, and world.

Looking Back: How did we do against our 2014 goals?  

Our 2014 plan was updated throughout the year.  As you will see by following the links below, we achieved most, but not all of our goals. This is how it should be, because if you achieve all your goals, your plan wasn't ambitious enough, and if you achieved only a small portion of your goals, you didn't work hard enough.  What you will see in the links is what the plans looked like on the website at the end of the year.  We are committed not to let goals rest in a file.  Your ministers and lay leaders are working throughout the year to reach the goals in our Ministry Plan, and if we determine a goal needs to be added, scratched, or modified, we do it.

Below you will find links to last year's detailed plans of all our main areas, as well as brief testimonials from members on each ministry.  These plans have been updated throughout the year.

Looking Ahead: Overview of Area Ministry Plans - 2015

Outreach Summary

To see this plan in greater detail, click here

The mission of our outreach ministry is to welcome and introduce people to Broadway by connecting them to the life of the congregation. In 2014, we recognized that almost every person who visits Broadway looking for a church home visits our website first, and spent the majority of the year launching a new website. We also brought a uniform look to our communications with a new logo and tagline. Te see a more detailed review of progress toward 2014 goals, click here

These efforts to communicate effectively will continue in 2015, as we seek to enhance our presence online and through social media. Our primary focus for the year, however, will be to find more effective ways to welcome and follow-up with guests who find their way to our church. This will include a more stream-lined process for reaching out to guests after their first visit, as well as training members to engage with guests around them in hospitable and meaningful ways.


Children and Families Summary

To see this plan in greater detail, click here.

The mission of our family ministry is to partner with families in raising children to love Jesus and embrace the stories of our faith. As a church, we seek to provide a safe space for parents and children to ask questions and grow as Christians and families. In 2014, we experienced a tremendous amount of transition, welcoming a new Associate Pastor in September. Our ministry plan for 2014 focused on developing best practices for organization, communication, and connection.

Because 2014 was a time of transition in this ministry, with Emily Holladay coming on as Associate Pastor, Children and Families, the nature of the plans shifted significantly midyear.  As a result, we do not have a review of progress toward 2014 goals.  During 2015, however, we will be updating progress toward the plans now in place.

In 2015, we will continue to keep the practices we developed in 2014 in place as we enter into a visioning process for the future of the ministry beyond 2015. We will begin the year with a visioning session for parents and family ministry leaders to determine how we would like to see children and families grow and develop from the time children are born until they move into the youth group. A pedagogy team, made up of church members with backgrounds in early childhood education, will take the information presented in the visioning session to develop a curriculum and learning contract to drive the ministry going forward.


Youth Ministry Summary

To see this plan in greater detail, click here.

The Youth Ministry at Broadway is comprised of students currently in grades 6-12, their parents, and the relevant ministry staff. Its goal is to help these youth understand their faith on a more personal level, and understand how that faith informs the rest of their lives, helping them approach situations with a sense of graciousness and compassion. In an effort to do that, one of the major goals of the 2014 Ministry Plan was prayer. At the beginning of the year, a goal was set to encourage every student pray aloud in some form, and we were able to accomplish that goal. We also wanted the Youth Committee, a resource for planning and coordination, to meet at least once a quarter, and we were able to accomplish that as well. We also implemented a new Sunday School Curriculum which has been well received, especially in terms of increasing conversation among participants. To see a more detailed review of progress toward 2014 goals, click here.

As we begin a new year, we are adjusting goals that we did not meet, as well as making a few more to help us better fulfill our purpose. One goal is to start a tradition of having a senior retreat at the beginning of each new school year for our rising seniors. Through this retreat, we will focus on how youth can begin to see themselves as leaders in the youth group, the church, and in the world. Our attendance goals this year will shift to what percentage of youth are attending, rather than an actual number of students. This should be a more accurate measure of attendance. Our goal for this year will be a 65% attendance rate on Sunday nights for our small group time. The youth will also learn how to love and serve others through a service project of some form at least twice a quarter.

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Summary

To see this plan in greater detail, click here.

The Spiritual Formation Ministry of Broadway Baptist Church seeks to work with adults to help them grow into the image of Christ that they may better minister to and serve others. Our larger vision is to provide space and guidance for those who seek God…a place where we can be fed through a combination of Bible study, prayer, shared worship, ministry to others, small group studies and fellowship with other Christians. As a church, Broadway seeks to be a place to grow in the likeness of Christ so that we can say with the apostle Paul, “It is not I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.” We invite you to join us on this journey.

In 2014 our Spiritual Formation ministry saw growth through in-home studies, retreats, new Sunday School opportunities, and small groups.  A few of our goals for 2014 will be carried into 2015 as well.   If you would like to see more about the plan from 2014, please follow this link:


For 2015, we look forward to continuing growth in small groups, Sunday School, and in-home groups.  We plan to offer more opportunities on weekdays, as well as seminars and new Sunday School classes.  Some of our small groups and classes will be for specific ages or life situations (for example, the parenting group and the “Third Act of Life” small group) while others are intergenerational.  We also plan to continue to offer time for fellowship through church-wide breakfast and lunch potlucks, as well as time to grow spiritually through retreats.  


Music and Worship Summary

To see this plan in greater detail, click here.

Broadway’s music ministry seeks to enhance the worship of God through the intentional selection of music, both congregational and chorally, that enriches the spiritual journey of those attending.  Although there is an unapologetic purpose of offering our very best to God in worship, a high priority is given to the nurture and encouragement of Christian growth and service.  The choirs sing anthems, which support the theme of the worship service, with music ranging from classical sacred music to traditional hymn arrangements, and from gospel songs to spirituals.  

Almost all the goals and aspirations were either met or exceeded this past year.  If you would like to see more about the plan from 2014, please click here.

In 2015 we look forward to continuing ways to measure both numerical and spiritual growth within the different choral and instrumental groups offered to our congregants and visitors.  Again, we will seek to offer special events/opportunities that will pique the interest of both our membership and those in our community to walk through the doors for music and worship experiences.  In addition, we hope to continue to explore more creative elements within the context of worship that tells the story of the membership at Broadway.


Broadway tithes.  Before we do anything else, we set aside 10% of our gifts to be given to causes beyond Broadway.  Not counting our Local Benevolence offerings of  over $10,000 in 2014, we contributed over $112,000 to causes outside Broadway.

In addition to a portion of missions gifts set aside for "Hands On Missions," projects and ministries in which Broadway members are directly involved, here is where your missions gifts go. (Note that each percentage point equals just over $1,000.): 


How Broadway invests your gifts

How do we come up with the chart?
In each of the four areas, the investments in that area reflect:
Resources: How much do we invest in this area of ministry for materials, supplies,  expenses?
Leadership: How much do we invest in ministerial leadership in this area?
Facilities: How much of the cost of our facilities supports this area?

To calculate our facilities is a bit trickier. How do we calculate using the buildings in ministry? We invest around $165,000 a year in our buildings. We divide the facilities into three uses:

Worship and Music (Sanctuary, Chapel, Music Ministry space)
Discipleship (Educational space for all ages)
Outreach & Communications (Family Life Center, Foyer and Atrium, Offices).

Based, then, on the percentage of our building’s space used for each of these areas, we divide up and allocate the $165,000 into Worship & Music, Discipleship, and Outreach & Communications.

How Broadway invests your gifts in ministry, and how you can invest in Broadway

Salaries, Benefits, all other Personnel Expenses          $705,913

Administrative Expenses (postage, office equip., etc)  $61,370

Discipleship & Spiritual Formation                                   $12,900

Music and Worship                                                             $21,775

Children & Families                                                             $15,300

Youth                                                                                     $18,705

Building and Grounds non-personnel expense               $203,000

Committees & Organizations                                             $23,935

Missions                                                                                $118,045

TOTAL 2015 BUDGET                                                         $1,180,943

A few vital statistics


2011:     288

2012:     296

2013:     263

2014:      245

Sunday School

2011:     199

2012:     199 

2013:     176

2014:      170

Annual Gifts to Ministry

2011: $979,000

2012: $1,050,000

2013: $1,125,000

2014: est. $1,

A Word about Our Facilities

Our facilities are one of our great assets in ministry.  Over the past few years we have increased the number of non-profit groups using our facilities.  A partial list includes:

  • The Kentucky Baptist Fellowship (offices located at Broadway)
  • Leslie Townsend’s counseling practice (office located at Broadway)
  • Recreational groups
    • Upward Basketball and Cheerleading
    • Yoga
    • Various local school basketball teams
    • Three informal basketball groups
  • Norton Hospital Christmas gift distribution
  • Annual Banquets
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Wayne Oates Institute
  • Recitals in Chapel
  • Kentucky Music Educators summer meeting
  • Hosting the 2014 Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Spring Gathering
  • Housing Passport youth groups, which includes around 300 youth per summer
  • Hosting College Choirs 

As a round number, our facilities expenses run around $160,000 a year.  In addition, in 2014 we incurred around $75,000 in capital repairs.  

Target Budget

Here is how we would like to utilize your gifts in 2015.  Once we have received the results of our Personal Commitments (Pledges), the Finance Committee will use this target budget as a guide in creating an actual budget to present to the church.  If we achieve the approximate 6% increase we are hoping for in commitments, then this target budget will be updated into a more detailed form.  If we come up short, the Finance Committee will present to the church a plan with some elements eliminated.  

Salaries, Benefits, all other Personnel Expenses           $705,913

Administrative Expenses (postage, office equip., etc)  $61,370

Discipleship & Spiritual Formation                                  $12,900

Music and Worship                                                            $21,775

Children & Families                                                           $15,300

Youth                                                                                   $18,705

Building and Grounds non-personnel expense             $203,000

Committees & Organizations                                           $23,935

Missions                                                                              $118,045

TOTAL 2015 BUDGET                                                      $1,180,943


First, hear the good news about last year’s Generosity Opportunities:

In 2014, one family and one individual accepted the challenge of funding a walking path around the perimeter of the church property. The estimated cost of this path is $12,000.   UPDATE: This project is still pending.

Recreational Equipment: The Family Life Center was in need of a new Ping-Pong table and Foosball Table ($1,500).  Thanks to gifts given in memory of Carolyn Dooley, this equipment was purchased in 2014.

Replacing Chapel Carpet: The carpet will be replaced soon thanks in part to gifts given in memory of Bill Dohrman.

Generosity Opportunities for 2014: 

Helping to replenish our capital reserve fund for major repairs and replacement.  In 2014, we spent tens of thousands of dollars repairing rotten wooden doors and windows, making roof repairs, and replacing HVAC equipment.  These expenses have left little in our "rainy day" fund for capital repairs.

Add video monitors at church entry points to improve communication.  These will provide an electronic listing of church news, activities, and events.  The cost of this advance, including supporting software and equipment, is $5,000.  These are not for the sanctuary!  

Enable live streaming of some worship services and special events, such as funerals, for a three year period.  This would require upgrading equipment and paying monthly broadband and hosting fees: Estimated cost over three years: $10,000.

Investing in Broadway's ministries.  How can you be a part of what God is doing at Broadway?

  • Pray.  Pray that God’s Spirit will lead us and challenge us to follow faithfully and creatively.
  • Invest time and talent.  Give the gift of your time and your ability as we follow God together.  
  • Give. Yes, money makes a difference.  Our target budget will require an approximate 6% increase to execute the plans we have for the coming year.

To make your Personal Commitment (Pledge) you can fill out the form HERE or they will also be located in the foyer, atrium, or outside the church office.  If you would like to make a Personal Commitment to Broadway's Ministries, see how  HERE. 

If you would like to discuss a planned gift, you may speak with Chris Caldwell or George Coleman, our Deacon Chair for this year.