How may I give?

Automatic Bank Withdrawal

If you would like to donate electronically on a regular basis, please enroll in our Automatic Bank Withdrawal Program. By using this service, you no longer need to prepare checks or worry about remitting your tithes when you are away. Click below for more information and for an enrollment form. There is no charge to Broadway when you enroll in this program. 

Automatic Banking Instructions

Automatic Banking Form


For your convenience, you may now give to Broadway Baptist Church online. This is an easy and secure manner in which to contribute to our ministries. Please note that Broadway will incur fees equal to 2.9% of your credit or debit card transaction on our website, plus 30 cents per transaction.

Give Now

For those that give through Automatic Banking or Online Giving we offer an Electronic Offering Slip as a way to participate in our offertory time in worship. 

Cash or Check

For your convenience, offering envelopes are available for your tithes and offerings. A supply is in each of the pew racks in our sanctuary. You may also have a personalized set of envelopes mailed directly to you. Simply place cash or checks (payable to Broadway Baptist Church) in one of these envelopes and place it in the offering plate during a service. You may also mail it to Broadway Baptist Church, 4000 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40207. Be sure to indicate on the check or envelope if the funds are for a specific purpose. Otherwise, we will apply the donation to our General Budget.

Bank Bill Pay

Many financial institutions now will mail checks from your account to Broadway Baptist Church. Most offer this service free of charge. You can easily set this up to occur one-time or to be recurring.


You may also donate to Broadway by the transfer of stocks and other investment securities, which will allow you tax advantages. For more information, please contact Finance Office in the church office at 502.895.2459.

Legacy Gifts

To ensure that the ministries of Broadway Baptist Church continue for decades into the future, please consider a gift that will have a lasting impact. For more information, contact the Finance Office, Finance Office at 502.895.2459.