Find Your Place

Volunteer teams are vital to the everyday life of Broadway. We hope you will find a place to use your talents for God's purpose.


The purpose of this team is:

  • To collect and maintain in the church office and to assure access by the membership to the organizing documents of the church (for example, the charter act), the Church Covenant, all policies pertaining to the operation of the church and of committees, all policies pertaining to the use of the church facilities, and year-end activities reports of all committees.
  • To gather, preserve, and make available to the membership other church records, documents, pictures, and articles of historical importance; for example: significant actions recorded in minute books of deacons' meetings; significant membership, financial, and organizational records; church newsletters and other programs; clippings and pictures of leaders, groups, buildings, etc; sound recordings of speeches, etc.; and biographical materials.
  • To update the history of the church annually.
  • To publish periodically items that will make the membership more conscious of the rich heritage of our church.
  • To prepare and maintain a list of the documents collected or received by the committee.


The purpose of this team is:

  • To assist the Pastor in preparing for the Ordinance of Baptism.
  • To be responsible for preparing the candidates and baptistery for the Ordinance.


  • The committee, on behalf of the church, will express love and concern for church members and others in times of bereavement by providing a luncheon at the church for the family prior to or following the funeral or memorial service, according to guidelines established by the committee from time to time.
  • The committee will provide the luncheon through donations of food solicited from volunteers and through designated funds contributed to or for the benefit of the committee.

Decorations and Furnishings

The purpose of this team is:

  • To have general supervision of all matters pertaining to the interior decorations and furnishings of the church facilities, including recommendations for necessary modifications or improvements.
  • To have supervision of the placement and removal of all floral decorations used at any church function.To advise the finance committee as to the acceptance or rejection of memorial gifts.


The purpose of this team is:

  • To be responsible for Wednesday Night Suppers during the school year (approximately from September through May).
  • To be responsible year round for ordering and maintaining kitchen supplies and equipment for use in activities throughout the church.
  • To conduct both an annual inventory and a major cleaning of the kitchen and kitchen supplies and equipment, preferably during the summer months.
  • To be available year round, if needed, to advise outside groups planning events that involve the use of the kitchen.


The purpose of this team is:

  • To maintain an adequate church library of materials and equipment.
  • To actively promote the use of library service materials and equipment in all church activities and programs.
  • To enlist the church library staff to work with the librarian to accomplish the objectives set forth above.

Lord's Supper

The purpose of this team is:

  • To prepare the table prior to observance. This includes the purchasing of communion elements and arranging the trays and plates.
  • To be responsible for the cleanliness and conditions of communion trays and communion plates and linens.


The purpose of this team is:

  • To lead in developing a program of activities and recreation to meet the needs of church members and those to whom we should minister.
  • To maintain a list of potential leaders for recreational activities.
  • To develop policies for recreational activities, the use of recreational facilities and equipment.
  • To lead in the promotion of church athletic activities.
  • To provide recognition for individuals and teams for accomplishments in activities programs.
  • To make recommendations for securing and maintaining equipment.
  • To work with the building maintenance and grounds beautification committees in maintenance of activity areas of the various buildings and grounds.
  • To assist organizational leaders in coordinating all church recreational activities.
  • To plan and conduct church-wide recreational activities not sponsored by an organization.


The purpose of this team is:

  • To be responsible for church receptions, including the provision and coordination of refreshments, set up and decorations.


The purpose of this team is:

  • To provide ushers to serve at all services of the church.
  • To assure that the sanctuary is in comfortable physical order before each service.
  • To check to make sure hymnals, offering plates, orders of worship, and other needed aids and supplies are in their proper places.
  • To greet people and provide each person with an order of worship.
  • To create an atmosphere of genuine welcome and concern for all attending the services.
  • To seat people according to their wishes or as seats are available.
  • To take care of reserved sections for special guests.To provide visitors cards as requested.