2015 Ministry Plan

The mission of our outreach ministry is to welcome and introduce people to Broadway by connecting them to the life of the congregation. In 2014, we recognized that almost every person who visits Broadway looking for a church home visits our website first, and spent the majority of the year launching a new website. We also brought a uniform look to our communications with a new logo and tagline. 

These efforts to communicate effectively will continue in 2015, as we seek to enhance our presence online and through social media. Our primary focus for the year, however, will be to find more effective ways to welcome and follow-up with guests who find their way to our church. This will include a more stream-lined process for reaching out to guests after their first visit, as well as training members to engage with guests around them in hospitable and meaningful ways. 

2015 Goals 

I. Enrich new guest’s experience at Broadway by improving accessibility of information, hospitality, and follow-up after first visit.

  • Update (1/2015): Emily Holladay is sending hand written post cards with a gift to first time guests when information is provided in Friendship Folder.
  • Update (4/2015): Worship folder insert updated to include photos - more attractive style to draw eye to pertinent information
  • Update (4/2015): George Kipp gave Minute for Ministry
  • Update (5/2015): Schedule of May services posted throughout the church in poster format
  • Update (5/2015): Robert Dixon gave Minute for Ministry

II. Enhance usability and functionality of the website and other online communication tools.

  • Update (2/2015): Website homepage updated to include worship service times and events.
  • Update (2/2015): Event page created with button to add events to iCals and Google Cals
  • Update (2/2015): Sermon page updated and weekly sermons added ongoing
  • Update (3/2015): Blog page created on website for ease of updating
  • Update (4/2015): Online newsletter moved to bi-monthly format using links from blog page
  • Update (4/2015): Increased Facebook visibility and utilization with daily posts
  • Update (5/2015): Print newsletter also moved to bi-monthly format
  • Update (7/2015): Created an Instagram page for the church

III. Increase promotion and education of events hosted by Broadway.

  • Update (3/2015): Outreach Committee posted flyers about Easter Egg Hunt around Louisville
  • Update (4/2015): Outreach Committee created mapping device to locate businesses that will allow posters
  • Update (5/2015): 3000 VBS postcards sent to local homes using USPS
  • Update (5/2015): Church members and Outreach Committee posted flyers about Creative Arts Camp and other music ministry events around town

IV. Continue implementing branding process. 

  • Update (8/2015): Contracted with graphic designer to make logo more versatile, including the addition of brand colors and fonts