Ministry Plan 2015

Spring 2015

  • Developments in the Early Church (6 people in attendance) This group met for 7 weeks in January and February.
  • The Third Act of Life (goal of 12 people in the group) This group included 18 people and concluded in March.
  • Parenting Small Group (goal of 12 people in the group) This group met on Wednesday evenings.
  • Companions in Christ (continuation) This group concluding their 28 week series at the beginning of the summer.
  • Book Study Group (continuation) This group continues to meet regularly.
  • Loss & Grief (seminar) (goal of 15 people at each seminar) This seminar occurred twice with 15-20 people at each meeting.
  • Sunday School Teacher Roundtable (on welcoming new people and dealing with differences of opinions) (goal of 75% of teachers in attendance) This discussion took place in January.
  • Church-wide breakfast in the Atrium was held February 8.

Summer 2015

  • Summer Seminar Series (6 weeks) was held for 8 weeks in Friendship Hall
  • In Home Small Group (goal of 10 people average) will be re-scheduled for 2016
  • Church-wide potluck was held on May 17 and included discussion on the Discernment Process.

Fall 2015

  • Thomas Merton Group (goal of 12 people in the group) is currently meeting on Sunday Nights
  • 3 – 4 other groups (goal of an average attendance of 10 people in each group) Reel Spirituality and a book study group are currently taking place.
  • Sunday School Teacher Roundtable was held on August 22 with discussion on outreach.
  • Church-wide potluck and Breakfast - The Potluck was held on September 20 and the breakfast was held on October 25.
  • Ministry Fair was held on August 23.


  • New Sunday School Class (intergenerational) (Average attendance goal of 12 for the first year) The Lectionary Class and Pastor's Discussion Class began in the summer and fall (respectively).  The class rosters have between 8-10 people for each class.
  • 20% Increase in the average attendance of the F.R.E.E. Sunday School class (class formed in 2014). The F.R.E.E. class has not increased in average attendance, but has held steady and has added 2 new members to the class roster who attend regularly.
  • Class for people who are “New to Broadway” (goal of 15 people attending the class for 4 weeks). This class was held in April and May and had 17 people attend.