Our plan this year is two fold. First, it is to develop a stronger form of communication with the congregation about children’s ministry activities. This ministry plan will give details on how we plan to implement better communication. Second, our plan is to work to develop more fully the spiritual direction of our children. This will be accomplished through stronger development of our weekly spiritual formation opportunities.    

In order to strengthen the Children’s Ministry of Broadway Baptist Church, we will divide the changes into the following: organization, communication, and connection.    

Te begin this process of reorganization, the Children’s Committee will write a new purpose statement. The current purpose statement is too long and does not convey the vision for our children in 2014. The Children’s Committee is working to narrow the purpose down to one statement to be shared with the congregation and community. Our goal is to have the official statement shared with the church body by March 2014.    


1. The Children’s Minister and the Children’s Committee Chair will agree on an agenda for every Children’s Committee meeting three weeks before the meeting takes place. The agenda will be sent to committee members two weeks before the meeting.    

Update: This process is in place and working smoothly, however, the minister and chair meet the week prior rather than three weeks prior. (Nov. 2014)

2. Dates for camps, VBS, and other major events will continue to be handed out at each parent meeting.    

Update: Parents received a Save the Date card in the mail for upcoming events through Spring 2015. (Oct. 2014)

3. The Children’s Minister will present a written report of accomplishments and challenges to the Children’s Committee and Deacon body.    

Update: Complete. (April 2014)

4. The Children’s Minister will meet with the main camp and VBS leaders 6 months prior to event.    

a. The VBS leadership team is scheduled to meet in February.    

b. The Children’s Minister will create new job descriptions and edit old job descriptions for camps and VBS.    

Update: Complete. (June 2014)

5. The Children’s Minister will recruit leaders for Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesdays by August 1, 2014.    

Update: Complete (Aug. 2014)

6. The Children’s Committee will host quarterly teacher sessions for the 2013/2014 school year.    

a. The children’s ministry teachers have joined the Sunday school teacher gatherings. The Children’s Minister will provide teacher training for each gathering.

Update: Associate Pastor met with Sunday School teachers, and will continue quarterly meetings the month before each new curriculum cycle. (Oct. 2014)

7. The children’s committee will create an official job application for the child care position by August 1, 2014.

Update: Complete

8. The children’s ministry will purchase child care shirts for the children’s ministry workers by February 2014.    

Update: Complete

9. The Children’s Minister will lead the other ministerial staff in the reviewing and updating of the Child Protection Policy by March 2014.    

10. The Children’s Committee will change the name of Extended Care to Worship Care beginning January 2014.         

Update: Complete


1. The Children’s Minister will contact Sunday school teachers once a week to check on their progress for the following Sunday.    

Update: Complete

2. Each year the children’s ministry will host 3 parent meetings.    

a. The fall session will be on a Sunday evening. The winter session will be on a Sunday afternoon. The Spring session will be on a Wednesday evening.    

Update: In October, parents were invited to a listening session regarding VBS. In January, parents and teachers are invited to a Family Ministry Visioning meeting.

3. The office will use 7 forms of communication to help reach parents about upcoming events and needs. The seven forms will be: newsletter, worship folder, Facebook, email, parent meetings, signs, word of mouth.    

Update: The committee and minister are currently re-evaluating the necessity of all seven forms of communications, and working to streamline the process. (Nov. 2014)

4. The office will set up communication stations in the Children’s Suite, Children’s Learning Center, and Preschool areas. This will be completed by March 2014.

Update: Complete.   


1. The children’s ministry will send two forms of affirmation to children and volunteers.

a. This task will be completed weekly.     

2. The Children’s Minister will meet with a ministry coach to discuss best practices.    

3. The Children's Minister will make three attempts to meet with each family in the ministry in 2014.    

4. The music, missions, and Sunday school staff will contact students quarterly.    

Spiritual Direction    

     In 2014 Broadway’s plan is to continue to minister to families through the new small group and choral opportunities. During the week, families currently have 4.5 hours of different 2014 Ministry Plan spiritual formation options. The desire of the children’s ministry is to see families use the times that work within their schedule to deepen their relationship with Christ and their church family.    

To accomplish this goal, we will:    

1. Implement a Sunday schedule that includes snack supper, children’s choirs, and children’s missions 

- The new schedule began January 12th, 2014. 

Update: Schedule moved back to Wednesday nights.

2. Create a family devotional support group    

- The new support group began January 26th, 2014.    

3. Build the Wednesday evening Bible skills class    

-The Bible skills class began studying the Old Testament books of the Bible on January 8, 2014.    

4. Communicate with parents about the lessons that their children are learning through the week.    

a. The parent support group will pass out the Sunday school lessons.    

b. Children are being encouraged to read their bible book marks.    

c. The Children’s Minister will plan her sermon’s based on the pastor’s weekly sermon text. 
d. The office will work to create a weekly e-newsletter.

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