Youth programs at Broadway (grades 6-12) focus on three main things throughout our weekly and yearly 

activities. They are: 

  • Engaging Scripture
  • Ensuring faith is relevant to our lives
  • Expressing our God-given gifts through meaningful service in our congregation and community.



  • Augsburg Fortress, “Ancestors Series” people of the Old and New Testaments. 
    • This series introduces youth to the stories that are the foundation of our faith. It also helps youth understand that, among other things, the stories of the heroes of the Bible portray numerous characters who are flawed like us, but that does not detract from our ability to serve faithfully.
  • Faith Element-A web-based series, published for free, that presents lectionary passages in several different adaptable ways, to help youth hear Scripture and lessons in different ways, whether it’s creatively, via discussion, or online media. 
  • Baptists Today Online Curriculum-Baptists Today offers a youth curriculum based off of the adult curriculum each month.
  • Update: Currently using Live Curriculum, focusing on spending a year looking at the life of Jesus. 


  • This year, in addition to large-group and grade specific retreats, the youth will attend three different mission trips.
    • PassportChoices at Queens University in Charlotte, NC, June 28-July 4
    • PassportKenya August 1-11
    • Owsley County Mission Trip, Owsley County, KY, July 7-11 (with FBC Frankfort).
  • These trips help youth get out of their normal environment and learn more about who they are as a person and as a follower of Jesus. PassportChoices helps youth explore new ways their gifts can be useful for ministry. In their different ways, PassportKenya and Owsley County will put youth in vastly different surroundings than they are used to, to help them grow personally and understand how their story and their lives are caught up in the lives and stories of other people.
  • Update: 17 Youth went to PassportChoices. There they spent over 200 hours helping out the community and learning about how they can use their gifts to serve others in various ways. 
  • Update: 5 Youth traveled to Owsley County in Eastern Kentucky, and spent the week serving the community there, as well as building relationships with Youth from First Baptist Church, Frankfort. 
  • Update:Unfortunately, PassportKenya was cancelled due to the unstable situation in the region, but three Youth and two chaperones were able to travel to the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas to spend a week with Bahamas Methodist Habitat. We spent the week helping repair a house, through tasks like installing a door, a sink, and re-tiling the bathroom. 


  • In 2014, the youth will perform outreach and service projects, including care of the prayer garden on campus. They will also work with the Deacon Homebound and Transitional Care teams to serve members of our congregation who need help with necessary tasks at home.
  • Update: This fall, the youth have been involved in helping out with Service in September. More projects will be coming soon. 


Sunday Night 

  • Sunday nights are the highest attended activity during the week. This year, the schedule was redesigned to maximize attendance in each program. The goal for 2013 was to increase average attendance from 20 to 25 people. This goal was not met (average attendance remained at 20). In reevaluating this goal for 2014, taking into account graduation numbers, I am setting the goal for average attendance to be 23. The averages for this attendance will be taken in the Fall of 2014.
  • Update: Current average for the Fall is 14 for Sunday Nights. 
  • To meet this goal, curriculum will be designed in coordination with youth and the youth committee to maximize interest, as well as encouraging youth to invite friends, and to encourage Sunday Nights to be a priority. 


  • Youth will get out of the church on a Wednesday night to serve members of our church and local community at least twice a quarter.


  • I want to involve the youth committee in planning events and curriculum. This will be measured by meeting at least once a quarter. Youth will know who members of the committee are, and are encouraged to share comments or concerns they have for discussion at those meetings. Each committee member will be challenged to get feedback from two youth prior to each meeting.
  • Update: The Youth Committee so far has been keeping with its goal. 


  • Have each youth pray out loud in Sunday School, Small Groups, or Wednesday Night Bible Study.
  • Update: This Fall, we are spending Sunday nights talking about prayer in Small Groups. Additionally, there has been a greater emphasis on Youth praying out loud as a group. 
  • Mention a devotional resource once a week.
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