As we continue to share the story of Christ and the church, the music ministry will remind us that the Christian story is not just a story.  It is a story of worship, discipleship, and collaboration.  Therefore, the worship at Broadway will continue to celebrate the arts and call us to worship our creator and proclaim Jesus Christ crucified and risen.  Likewise, we will craft the music, worship themes, and church year events in ways that inspire us as we share the many facets of the Christian story.   Perhaps the greatest impact of storytelling is seen in the rich heritage of our hymnody.  Congregational singing is a collaboration of the past, present and future.   When we sing these stories, we become a part of the inspired followers of Christ for centuries, not only here at Broadway, but all over the world.  Let us raise our hearts, minds and voices by singing, hearing and living out the life of faith through the gift of song.

In 2014, we hope to build upon some new traditions, such as; the courtyard concert series, creative arts camp, and the Jubilate Youth choir tour.  We will continue to seek to increase participation in all the choirs and hope to offer more community/church-wide events; such as a hymn sing and/or a favorite anthem concert.  In addition, creative elements within the context of our traditional worship service will continue to be a focus point, not only during the Advent and Lenten seasons, but whenever possible.

1.      Congregational/Community

Increase the Courtyard Concert Series to 4 times

  • UPDATE:  First concert was a woodwind duet on April 29th at Noon
  • UPDATE:  Second concert is a Jazz Concert on May 28th at 6:30 p.m.
  • UPDATE:  Third concert took place October 5th at Noon.

Provide one Hymn Sing and one Favorite Anthem Night

  • UPDATE:  Hymn Festival was June 8

Host College and/or High School Choirs in the sanctuary once a quarter

  • UPDATE: January - Miami Ohio University
  • UPDATE:  Providing space for Waggoner H.S. Spring concert
  • UPDATE:  Looking to host a high school choral retreat in fall

Host the KY State American Choral Directors Association summer Meeting

  • UPDATE:  Organization changed location on their own due to conflicts


2.       Children’s Choirs

Increase involvement of children‘s choir in worship

  • UPDATE:  Participated in March
  • UPDATE:  Participated on Palm Sunday
  • UPDATE:  Sang on October 12 
  • UPDATE:  Sang Nov. 30

Establish a second choir for preschool or younger elementary

UPDATE:  This was not possible because of numbers 

  • UPDATE:  Seeking to average 8 in Preschool Group and 12 in Children's Choir
  • UPDATE:  The preschool music activity group met the attendance goal
  • UPDATE  The Children's choir fell short of their attendance goal

Continue the Creative Arts Camp  

  • UPDATE:  July 29-August 1
  • 35 children attended the camp
  • 6 of which are new attendees to our BBC choirs this fall

Establish a more consistent means of communication with parents

  • UPDATE Still working to improve this area.


3.       Youth Choir

Collaborate with the chancel choir 2 to 4 times

  • UPDATE: Sang with Chancel Choir in the first three quarters of 2014  

             Participated in Jubilate Choir Festival  in January and June

  • UPDATE:  Participated  during MLK weekend in Atlanta
  • UPDATE:  Summer Tour was a great experience and was June 17-22

Invite more youth to play instruments and sing solos/duets in worship

  • UPDATE: Two during first quarter
  • UPDATE:  Three during the second quarter
  • UPDATE:  One during the third quarter
  • UPDATE:  Will be doing so twice during Advent season

Increase worship participation/opportunities

  • UPDATE: Participated February 16
  • UPDATE:  Participated March 23
  • UPDATE:  Participated on June 1
  • UPDATE:  Participated on June 8
  • UPDATE:  Participated on August 31
  • UPDATE:  Participated on September 21
  • UPDATE:  Participating on November 16
  • UPDATE:  Participated on November 30
  • UPDATE:  December 24


4.        Chancel Choir

Collaborate with the youth choir 2 to 4 times

  • UPDATE: Accomplished by the third quarter of this year.


           Nurture and grow the young adult ensemble

  • UPDATE:  Quartet in January
  • UPDATE:  Octet in March
  • UPDATE:  Quartet in June
  • UPDATE:  Ensemble in September
  • UPDATE:  Set to sing in Late October
  • UPDATE:  Sang November 30

Increase attendance by 5%

  • UPDATE:  Exceeded this goal...there was a 10% growth in average attendance 

Create opportunities for the men and ladies to sing as separate ensembles

  • UPDATE:  Ladies sang March 9
  • UPDATE:  Men's ensemble, yes...all the men in the choir, no


5.      Instrumentalists

Continue to increase bell choir participation in worship

  • UPDATE:  Chancel Bells, March 9
  • UPDATE:  Youth Bells, March 23
  • UPDATE:   Chancel Bells, April 17 and April 20
  • UPDATE:  Youth Bells, June 1
  • UPDATE:  Chancel Bells, June 8
  • UPDATE:  Chancel Bells, October 12
  • UPDATE:  Youth Bells set to play, October 26
  • UPDATE:  Both bell choirs will play during advent
  • UPDATE: Chancel Bells exceeded the expectations and youth bells were right on target

Use more of our own talented instrumentalists within the church

  • UPDATE:  Numerous participants within the first quarter
  • UPDATE:  Several times in the second quarter
  • UPDATE:  Many times in the third quarter
  • UPDATE:  Several times already in this last quarter.
  • UPDATE:  String Quintet played Dec. 7

Use Louisville Orchestra players throughout the year

  • UPDATE: Two times in first quarter
  • UPDATE:  Three times in second quarter
  • UPDATE:  Two times in the third quarter
  • UPDATE: One tome in the fourth quarter

Continue the Holiday Concert and collaborate with them and our Chancel Choir

  • UPDATE:  December 11 at 7PM


6.       Maintaining Church Instruments/Choral Library/Web Page

Establish a new working contract with the piano and organ tuners

  • UPDATE:  New contract with piano company in January
  • UPDATE:  Shaved hammers on the sanctuary grand piano, first quarter
  • UPDATE:  Measuring humidity on choir room piano, second quarter
  • UPDATE:  Replaced some air supply lines on the organ, second quarter, major tunings 

Clean choir robes this summer

  • UPDATE:  Accomplished on July 8

Develop Categories for the music library

  • UPDATE:  Established a better file system for Bell music

Work with Web page designers to best use/promote music events

  • UPDATE:  added a video and audio section to music web page


7.       Worship

Collaboration of creative elements to tell the stories of Lent/Advent

  • UPDATE:  Lenten Crosses in windows, outside and inside building, use of banners and other purple material, worship folder design

Use of storytelling within the context of worship

  •  UPDATE:  Use of Quilt in worship to tell story of 5,000
  •  UPDATE:  Prodigal Son Story, May 25
  •  UPDATE:  Pentecost Story, June 8
  •  UPDATE:  Adoption Story, October 12
  •  UPDATE:  Remember your Baptism, Oct. 26
  • UPDATE:  All Saints Sunday, Nov. 2
  • UPDATE:  Carolyn Sisk, Elizabeth from the bible, George Coleman
  • UPDATE:  2 biblical characters shared during the Children's Lesson in Advent 
  • UPDATE:  Redesigned advent banners for usage in widows of Advent

Move the early service to the Chapel and change the time to 9AM

  • UPDATE:  Started on Sunday, August 24 with 13 attendees

Seek to have an average of 25 people attend the 9AM service

UPDATE:  High of 21 low of 7...average is 14

  • UPDATE:  20 is the realistic average from August- December


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