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Not long ago, we made our “front door” more welcoming by renovating our main entrance. But in almost every instance, there is a “front door” leading to our “front door.”  The front-door-to-our-front-door is our website. Almost every person who visits Broadway and who is looking for a church home visits our website first. It is crucial to outreach, and here is what we are doing.

We are launching our new website, which ultimately will include:

  • A video introduction to the church by the pastor.
  • A uniform “look” tied into our logo and tagline.
  • A members section where, among other things, you can download a pictorial directory and check your giving statement.
  • Articles that are automatically tied to our electronic newsletter.
  • The option to make donations online.

Update: All portions of this are complete, with the exception of online donations and members section. These are still in process and should roll out by Jan 2015. (Nov. 2014)

Our Logo

Our new logo is based on our sanctuary windows. We feel it conveys both the warmth and the honoring of tradition that are hallmarks of Broadway. The tagline, "Every Story Matters", celebrates:

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Broadway logo horizontal-01.png
  • Broadway’s commitment not to demand conformity
  • Broadway’s personal care for people
  • Broadway’s desire to get to welcome and get to know new people
  • Broadway’s mission to tell not just our stories, but God’s story

All these efforts are aimed at encouraging people to visit. But once someone visits, we have to be effective at following up with them. We recently made a few changes in this area:

  • Because a low percentage of first-time guests have been giving us contact information, we are passing the Friendship Folder later in the service.  We hope this will give our guests a few minutes to get to know us before having to decide whether to give us their contact information.
  • We are dropping the use of cards to be filled out, because guests were using the Friendship Folder and not the cards.
  • Volunteers are collecting the Friendship Folder pages each Sunday after worship and placing them on the front pew, so that the pastor can pick them up and call guests on Sunday afternoon.

Our overall goals for Outreach:

  • We will complete the roll-out of the new website, including the items noted above. Update: Complete
  • We will bring a uniform look to our communication, including letterhead, business cards, emails, newsletter, and website.       Update: Mostly complete, but we are exploring font options for our print materials
  • In keeping with Every Story Matters, we will collect 100 faith stories from within Broadway so that those considering Broadway can understand the difference faith and our church make in our lives. Update: A team has been appointed to gather stories, and are well on their well toward completing this goal.
  • The pastor will follow up with first-time guests on the Sunday afternoon when they visit. Update: Complete.
  • A minister will be present every Sunday after worship at the Information Area in the foyer. Update: Complete.
  • We will receive contact information from 100 guests. Update: As of Oct. 2014, we received contact information from 55 guests.
  • Our deacons will focus on outreach and sharing our stories at their annual retreat.



Broadway tithes.

Broadway gives away 10% of every gift to causes beyond Broadway.  Here is where those gifts go:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Kentucky Baptist Fellowship
Broadway Missions (Hands On)
Jefferson Street at Liberty
Discretionay Missions Fund
Habitat for Humanity - Baptist House

Choices Inc.
West End School
Family Scholar House
Chenoweth Family Resource Center
Jeff at Liberty Mission Meals
Women on Missions
Baptist World Alliance

Baptist Seminary at Richmond
Baptist Joint Committee
Marshall Center for Christian Leadership
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
Associated Baptist Press
Baptist Center for Ethics
Baptist Women in Ministry
Emergency Assistance

In addition, we seek to live out missions by being “Hands On.”  Broadway’s Hands On missions has included:

Hands On Missions

$5,000.00   KBF Missions
$1,227.05     Service in September
$705.26       Chenoweth Fish pond pump
$8,000.00   Americana Grant
$81.62          Samaritan's Patrol
$4,750.00    Choice's Salary Support
$355.61        West End School Meals
$2,500.00    Waterstep Panama Donation


$2,756.49    Support for Ed Jordan and Family
$646.46       West End School Meals
$5,000.00   CBF Field Personnel Annette Ellard & Steve Clark

This year, our Hands On efforts will include


Our 2014 Goals for Missions

  • To strengthen communication between our Signature Partners (that receive financial support as well as year-round involvement from Broadway members) and the Congregation by having one representative visit and report from each partner either during the Minute for Ministry or on a Wednesday evening. 
  • To strengthen communication between the Signature Partners and the Missions Committee by implementing a quarterly report that will be provided by the agency in response to the funds received.
  • To increase participation in Service in September to 75 church members. 
  • To create a database of projects done by small groups and classes so this information can be shared with the larger congregation.