2013 Music Ministry Plan - Results

In 2013, the music ministry sought to include more choirs and ensembles within the context of worship.  Through intentional planning, this goal exceeded our expectations.  We observed all of our choirs, both vocal and instrumental, offering their musical gifts to God in worship.   A second preschool choir was introduced, as well as a young adult ensemble.   Moreover, the youth choir participated in the Jubilate Youth Choir festival in January and June.  Several new opportunities were well accepted and attended as well, such as the Courtyard Concerts, hosting the American Choral Directors of Kentucky, and the first Creative Arts Camp for children.  Good strides were made in the area of communication to our choristers, improving the usability of the music library and maintaining our musical instruments.


1. Chancel Choir

Challenge members to memorize choral offerings once a quarter

This was accomplished

Increase enrollment by 10%

Although attendance did not increase, enrollment did

Cultivate a sense of compassion among the members by creating 4 care teams

This was changed to two groups and needs to be tweaked to be more effective

Develop a young adult ensemble from within the chancel choir

This ensemble began rehearsing in the fall of 2013


2. Youth Choir

Increase frequency of worship involvement to every other month

This goal was met and exceeded

Introduce Jubilate Choir to the youth and congregation, January and June

This was accomplished and received well too

Offer opportunities to sing outside the walls of BBC once a quarter

Did not reach this goal…only happened two times

Monthly communication with youth choir parents and youth:  via email, web and text

This area was much improved by consistent emails and texting


3. Children’s Choirs

Increase involvement of children‘s choir in worship to once a quarter

This goal was accomplished

Create a second choir for preschool or younger elementary

A second choir for preschoolers was created in the fall

Study/evaluate the need and feasibility of a summer music week for children

Creative arts camp was a big success and exceeded our expectations

Monthly communication with parents:  via Facebook, email, web page

This improved but still needs more attention


4. Instrumentalists

Increase bell choir participation in worship to once a quarter.

This goal was exceeded

Seek and encourage talented instrumentalists within the church

and increase worship participation with these individuals

This goal was accomplished

Usage of Louisville Orchestra players throughout the year and at Christmas

This goal was accomplished


5. Congregational/Community

Concert Luncheons in Atrium/Courtyards this spring/summer

This exceeded expectations and was well received

Hymn sing once or twice on a Sunday or Wednesday evening

This did not get accomplished

Favorite anthem night offered to the congregation

This did not get accomplished

Host the KY State American Choral Directors Association summer Meeting

This went very well.  Thus, it will be on the 2014 calendar too


6. Maintaining of Church Instruments and Improving Choral Library

This was accomplished

Cleaning of robes once a year

This was accomplished

Improving the organization and accessibility of the music library

This was accomplished and is an ongoing goal in 2014.