Ministry Plan 2016

    The Youth Ministry at Broadway is comprised of students currently in grades 6-12, their parents, and the relevant ministry staff. Its goal is to help these youth understand their faith on a more personal level, and understand how that faith informs the rest of their lives, helping them approach situations with a sense of graciousness and compassion. 

    Our Ministry Plan for 2016 is modeled after our Visioning Process the congregation walked through together. To that end, here are our goals for 2016:

Growth of Younger Generations

·         Hosting of a “Parents Shopping Day” around Christmas to spend time with the younger children in the church. (Goal of 8 youth in attendance and 6 families of children present.)

·         Incorporation of a Senior Retreat at the beginning of the Fall Semester (Goal attendance is 80% of the seniors on the roster).

·         Hosting a Youth Family Fall Cookout at the beginning of the School Year to build up energy and excitement of the Youth Program to younger siblings in youth families. (Goal is 85% of families on youth roster).

·         Leading a worship service in the Spring to develop the worship leadership abilities of the youth and demonstrate for younger members of the congregation that age is not a reflection of ability to lead the Body of Christ.



·         The youth will attend a service at an African American congregation in Louisville to observe first-hand the similarities and differences between different styles of worship.

·         The Youth will attend a worship service focused on the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

·         The youth will have 2 lessons focused on learning about other world religions during the year.


Service Outside the Walls

·         The youth will participate in a Kentucky Baptist Fellowship missions weekend.

·         The youth will have a mission experience that benefits someone outside of Broadway Baptist Church at least once a quarter (in addition to our missions opportunities through other events, including Service in September, KBF Missions Weekend, and Disciple Now).

·         Serve among the Roma people in Kosice, Slovakia, in July of 2016.



·         The youth will continue to participate in events that have become the backbone of the program at Broadway, including Disciple Now, Passport Youth Camps, a Fall Retreat, and an annual ski trip. Through these programs, the youth have an ability to focus on their own relationship with God, as well as what it means to be in community with one another, and grow as disciples together.