2016 Ministry Plan

The mission of our outreach ministry is to welcome and introduce people to Broadway by connecting them to the life of the congregation. In 2014, we recognized that almost every person who visits Broadway looking for a church home visits our website first, and spent the majority of the year launching a new website. We also brought a uniform look to our communications with a new logo and tagline. 

These efforts to communicate effectively continued in 2015, as we sought to enhance our presence online and through social media. Our primary focus for the year, however, was to find more effective ways to welcome and follow-up with guests who find their way to our church, including a more stream-lined process for reaching out to guests after their first visit, as well as training members to engage with guests around them in hospitable and meaningful ways. 

The 2016 plan builds upon the 2015 goals, continuing efforts to reach out to guests, providing a high touch to each person who comes through our doors and furthering Broadway's reputation for sharing love and care to the community outside the church.

2016 Goals 

I. Enrich new guest’s experience at Broadway by improving accessibility of information, hospitality, and follow-up after first visit through the following methods:

  • Greeter recruitment and training held in the spring to become more proactive in helping guests find their way around the church.
  • Member profiles included in the Friendship Folders for guests to get to know more about the people of Broadway.
    • Update: Member profiles added to Friendship Folders January 24, 2016 - still collecting more!
  • Enlisting a college student to create "mall directory" style maps to display around the church to make the building more accessible. 
  • Minute for Ministries to take place in worship at least three out of every four Sundays to help connect people with the ministries of the church
    • Update: January - hosted 3 minute for ministries: Susan Reed (Caring for Aging Families Small Group); Emily Holladay (Friendship Folder Member Profiles); Drew Dixon (Easter Egg Hunt Promotion)

II. Enhance usability and functionality of the website and other online communication tools.

  • Update homepage slider to include announcement images.
    • Update: Added ministry plans to homepage (January 2016)
    • Update: Added Lent information to homepage (February 2016)
  • Creation of Communications Plan to facilitate ease of information sharing across areas.

III. Increase promotion and education of events hosted by Broadway.

  • Advertise Easter Egg Hunt by hanging promotional Easter Eggs on doors around the church neighborhood.
  • Host at least one ad on local NPR stations.
  • Create timeline for banners and other signage in the church lawn.
  • Send at least two major mailings to the community for upcoming events.

IV. Continue implementing branding process.

  • Create at least two church "swag" items for church members to have/buy that will increase the church's branding in the community.
  • Make name-tags for ministers and deacons to wear in church and at outside events to make them easily recognizable as leaders of the church.