2016 Music/Worship Ministry Plan

Growth in Younger Populations

A.    Creative Arts Summer Camp

  1. Seek to expand enrollment to 40 children: There are 42 registered for August 1-4
  2. Possible middle school option or second week elementary camp

B.     Children’s Choir Emphasis:  Have sung numerous times in worship

  1. Emphasis on recruitment and communication:  by weekly communication
  2. Seek to increase numbers of children participating:  doubled average attendance

C.    Young Adult Ensemble or Intergenerational Ensemble

  1. Singing more often in worship and/or social functions:  Have sung 4 times
  2. Finding times and places to promote BBC

Diversity and Openness

A.    Provide more Mass Choir experiences for All ages:  youth and adults have combined 3 times

B.     Host High School or Middle School Choirs/Retreats at BBC:  

PRP High School in the winter, Waggoner HS in the Spring, Local piano concert in spring                                                                             

C.    Counting/Attendance on the Road

D.    Participate in the Pentecost event at St. Stephen in the Spring:   singing May 15

E.     Sing at extended care facilities or nonprofit facilities in the area


Outside the Walls

A.    Participate in the winter and summer Jubilate choral experience:  January and June

B.     Host the Holiday Concert by the Louisville Orchestra:  Set for Dec. 13

C.    Better promotion and expansion of Courtyard Concert Series:  First one is April 17, Second is June 5

D.    Seek ways to take our choral and instrumental groups out to the community


Balancing Traditions and Values

A.    Usage of traditional hymns and new hymn texts: 77 different hymns in 6 months

B.     Usage of Louisville Orchestra players in worship:  Several times this winter/spring

C.    Quality choral literature that runs the gamut of styles:  This has been accomplished the first quarter

D.    Celebrate and emphasize Traditional Worship:  Each week we have crafted such services