Pastoral Prayer September 6, 2015

Pastoral Prayer September 6, 2015
Broadway Baptist Church
Rev. Chris Caldwell

We pray, loving God, for fellow followers in this church whose needs are known to us
Sisters and brothers in Christ whose struggles we have learned about in the worship folder or through personal conversations. 

We pray for those among us who are grieving the loss of a person who was central to their life. 

We pray for those among us who are trying so hard to

preserve their life
or preserve their marriage
or preserve their sanity
or preserve their integrity.

We celebrate with families welcoming new babies.
We celebrate with young people embracing new opportunities.
We celebrate with older couples relishing long marriages.
And we thank you for the privilege of being part of a caring community known as a church.

But we have also come to pray for those who may not have anyone praying for them.

We pray for guests among us, whose needs we do not know, but who we are sure carry burdens not unlike ours.
We pray for the corporate executive weighed down by constant expectations, but seldom experiencing the constancy of compassionate concern.
We pray for la mexicana assaulted as she crossed the border, who cannot tell her husband, and who dares not go near a hospital or a police station.
We pray for the police officer certain to face danger today, but not knowing what form it will take.
We pray for the homeless man haunted by memories of the faraway family he abandoned long ago.
We pray for the child in danger who is not sure who to trust.
We pray for the soldier home from battle who does not feel at home or at peace.
We pray for ministers serving in places where power games have pushed love out the churchouse doors.

O God who knows every need
Spoken or unspoken
Known or unknown
We give thanks for
your compassionate heart
your inclined ear
and your comforting arms.