Dreams Prayer

August 30, 2015
Pastoral Prayer, Broadway Baptist Church
Rev. Chris Caldwell

Because, O God, few things show greater trust than to share with another our dreams, we come sharing our dreams with you. 

Dreams of better lives
Better families
Better health

Dreams of nicer salaries
Nicer cars
Nicer apartments or homes

Dreams of being loved for who we are
Dreams of being respected for the right reasons
Dreams of being remembered after we are gone

We thank you for caring souls who have listened to and nurtured the dreams of our lives.

Sunday School teachers
School teachers
Parents and step-parents
Big brothers and sisters
True friends
Who have listened and encouraged as we speak of the potential we see in ourselves, or the potential you, O God, see in us.

Show us how we can hear and nurture the dreams of others.
Help us to take the time to listen with compassionate hearts.
Help us to listen with hopeful minds
Help us to speak encouraging words.

And forgive us the times we have been poor stewards of others’ dreams.
By failing to listen
By dismissing
By trying to bend dreams in our direction
By pushing them aside in the pursuit of what we want
Or by failing to challenge dreams when we knew they were unworthy of you or of the best someone can be.

We lift up to you in prayer the dreams of others

Dreams of old people, of being honored for deep roots of wisdom in a culture obsessed with the shallow roots beauty
Dreams of young people wanting to do well in life
Dreams of sick people wanting to be well in life
Dreams of students wanting to get out of college
Dreams of poor teenagers wanting to get into college
Dreams of having a larger home where a family can enjoy good times together
Dreams of having a safer home where drugs are not sold across the street.

Last of all, we offer you the dreams of our church
Dreams of being a place where young and old can discover your love together
Dreams of a church charging beyond its walls in the name of good
Dreams of a church connected to the full array of people you call your children
Dreams of nurturing what is good within us and yet grabbing hold of dreams of what is better beyond us.