Blessings Opportunities Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer
Broadway Baptist Church, 9/27/15
Rev. Chris Caldwell

  • Thank you, God, for the good things you do through this your church, where
    • beautiful music is sung each Sunday
    • children are taught the path of faith
    • youth find friendship and support during an awkward stage of life
    • older people find comfort amid grief
    • encouragement amid sickness
    • where….
    • people have remained friends over five decades
    • and where people began making new friends five minutes ago
    • 75 people served our community last Saturday
  • and where 45 people sent to an African American church this past Wednesday.
    • For the good things you are doing through your church we offer you our thanks
    • And for the not-quite-so-good things, we offer you our confession
    • for the times when we don’t fully live out on Monday what we proclaim on Sunday
    • for the times we are stingy with our forgiveness and tight with our money
    • for the times we lean too completely upon our own understanding, and too little on you
    • for the times we are lackadaisical when we come to church, assuming that not much is going to happen
    • Forgive us, loving God, for the times we have fallen short
  • And guide us as we try to sort things out
    • guide us as we try to find our way through conflict in our families
    • guide us as a church as we wrestle with difficult issues in our culture and our world
    • lead us as try to follow you on the paths we believe you have chosen for us in the coming years:
      • Growing younger populations at Broadway
      • Ministering outside the walls of the church
      • Being more diverse in our ministries
      • And finding a dynamic balance between the old and the new.
  • May you walk, O God, with those in our church who are stumbling
    • Those faced with a failure at work or at home
    • Those faced with sickness of the body or mind
    • Those who are not here today, who are finding it hard to muster energy for the life of faith
    • Those who are grieving the loss of a friend, or of a parent, or of a child or grandchild
  • Bless us now as we continue to worship
    • May you grow within us a deeper faith
    • May you nurture within us renewed hope
    • But after we worship, may you lead us to live out the greatest virtue of all: lead us to love.