Thank You - Broadway Baptist Church

Thank you,
Broadway Baptist Church!
Dear Chris:
I am grateful for and thankful to you and your congregation.  My parents, William (“Bill”) and Mary Alexander, moved to Louisville in 2008, found their way to Broadway Baptist, and were members of your church until their deaths. You were there during their good days, there when illnesses occurred, there when they passed, and have continued to be there to uplift the family.  For this, I thank you.
Most recently, I appreciate that you visited and prayed with the family prior to my mother’s death in October. That was meaningful to each of us who shared in that prayer.  Members brought food, sent cards with encouraging words, visited, and prayed with and for us.  After she passed it continued…food, cards, prayers, visits, hugs, Christian love.  Even the choir prepared special selections – one for Dad, one for Mom.
Truly Broadway Baptist is filled with genuine Christians who naturally reflect the spirit of God.  For this and the many others acts of love toward my family, I thank you.
Ivanora “Ivy” Alexander