Thank You - Supporters of West End School

Dear Supporters of West End School, 

This is a time of year at West End School when we count our blessings. The list is long but you are at the top, for without you, the school would not have survived and thrived. 

As you may remember, we began nine years ago with three boys. Since then the school, its board and its staff acquired the former Carter Elementary School, totally renovating it. We have been able to increase the number of students to ninety, thirty of them as boarders. The Darrell Griffith Athletic Center opened this fall, and people from across the community, many of them alumni of Carter, have visited and are astounded by the transformation which has taken place on Virginia Avenue. 

In a neighborhood blighted by poverty and crime, West End School is a place of safety, a house of hope and a center of learning. West End School is where young boys learn how to become strong students. But, even more than that, they learn what is required to develop into capable young men of good character. 

You have supported the school from the very beginning. You have fed and clothed these boys, you have built bookcases and then filled them with books. you have painted rooms which you constructed. You now have funded the spectacular Darrell Griffith Athletic Center. You have provided resources for staff positions and created scholarships. You have taught inside and outside the classrooms. By your words, your deeds, and your contributions you have told these boys over and over that you believe in them and care about them. 

Through your unparalleled generosity, you have changed the lives of the boys at West End School. 

We are thankful for you, 
Paul Perconti 
Board Chair 
West End School