Financial Snapshot

To provide greater transparency of the church financials, we will begin including a financial snapshot in the monthly newsletter. We understand that not everyone is an accountant by profession, so we have tried to present the information in a concise format that shows the information that is most relevant. Because of the timing of the newsletter and when the financials are prepared, the information presented will be approximately two months behind. There are three sections, seen in the columns, of the financial snapshot. These sections break down our financial position for the current month, for the year to date, and as compared to the prior year. This is further broken down by what actually was received or spent compared to what was budgeted.  Simply put, being under budget is not good. For revenue, it means we haven’t received what we thought we would. For expenses, we continue to learn how to operate more efficiently which contributes to being under budget.  While normally reducing expenses or being under budget sounds positive, for the church, that typically means a reduction in services or programming we are able to offer. If you have any questions, please contact us.