2017-18 Music/Worship Ministry Plan

Broadway’s Music Ministry seeks to enhance our congregation’s worship experience through music that has a high degree of reverence for God. The choirs sing anthems which support the sermon message with music ranging from classical music to traditional hymn arrangements, and from gospel songs to spirituals.

Each age division of the Music Ministry seeks to call out the best spiritual, personal, and musical resources from its participants. Though there is an unapologetic pursuit of offering our very best to God in worship, a high priority is given to the nurture and encouragement of Christian growth and service. Therefore, the Music Ministry at Broadway seeks to give everyone an opportunity to glorify God in worship, serve God through the community, and be on mission in the name of Christ.

Each of the goals listed in this ministry plan has an element of Service, Worship, and Fellowship.

Children’s Choir Emphasis (designed for preschool and elementary children):

  • Offer a preschool music activity group
  • Offer a choir for children in grades 1-5
  • Change meeting times in hopes of improving attendance
  • Recruitment within and outside the walls of Broadway
  • Communication bi-weekly with the parents of children
  • Promote intergenerational choir opportunities (Mass Choir)

Youth Choir (designed for youth in grades 6-12)

  • Since this is a small group, college students or young adults will be enlisted to help support these youth, both musically and numerically
  • Sing two times a quarter or more if possible
  • Participate in the 25th annual Jubilate Celebration in January 2018 in Atlanta, Ga., during MLK weekend
  • Seek ways to recruit youth within and outside Broadway
  • Promote intergenerational choir opportunities (Mass Choir)

Chancel Choir (designed for adults of all ages)

  • Sing literature that isboth attainable and challenging
  • Sing texts that uplift, encourage, and assists in faith development
  • Sing one or two major works during the coming year
  • Promote more opportunities for fellowship
  • Continue to encourage and support members through care groups
  • Promote intergenerational choir opportunities (Mass Choir)

Handbells (designed for adults of all ages)

  • Set a goal of playing every 4 to 6 weeks in worship
  • Promote fellowship outside of rehearsal time
  • Find ways to serve our community through bell music

Opportunities for Service and Fellowship

  • Holiday Concert by Louisville Orchestra in December
  • Courtyard Concert Series Offerings in Spring and Summer
  • Host local High School or Middle School Choirs/Retreats
  • Be good stewards of all pianos and organs throughout the church by maintaining our contracts with our current technicians
  • Keep updating the choral library as needed and improve functionality

Opportunities for Worship

  • Musical offerings by choirs and instrumentalists in worship
  • Enlist Louisville Orchestra players for participation in weekly worship services as often as possible
  • Sing traditional hymns and keep discovering new texts that enhance our style of worship
  • Celebrate our love for traditional worship and sacred music
  • Use the mediums of artistic creativity and expression to add value and meaning to the seasons of Advent and Lent.  In addition, shed more light on the spiritual aspects of such Sundays as Epiphany Sunday, All Saints Sunday, and Pentecost Sunday. Also, continue to offer other themes throughout the year that assist us in spiritual formation and in praise and adoration of God.