How Broadway invests your gifts

How do we come up with the chart?
In each of the four areas, the investments in that area reflect:
Resources: How much do we invest in this area of ministry for materials, supplies,  expenses?
Leadership: How much do we invest in ministerial leadership in this area?
Facilities: How much of the cost of our facilities supports this area?

To calculate our facilities is a bit trickier. How do we calculate using the buildings in ministry? We invest around $165,000 a year in our buildings. We divide the facilities into three uses:

Worship and Music (Sanctuary, Chapel, Music Ministry space)
Discipleship (Educational space for all ages)
Outreach & Communications (Family Life Center, Foyer and Atrium, Offices).

Based, then, on the percentage of our building’s space used for each of these areas, we divide up and allocate the $165,000 into Worship & Music, Discipleship, and Outreach & Communications.

How Broadway invests your gifts in ministry,
and how you can invest in Broadway

  • Salaries, Benefits, all other Personnel Expenses              $705,913
  • Administrative Expenses (postage, office equip., etc)      $61,370
  • Discipleship & Spiritual Formation                                     $12,900
  • Music and Worship                                                              $21,775
  • Children & Families                                                             $15,300
  • Youth                                                                                    $18,705
  • Building and Grounds non-personnel expense                $203,000
  • Committees & Organizations                                              $23,935
  • Missions                                                                                $118,045
  • TOTAL 2015 BUDGET                                                         $1,180,943


Broadway tithes.  Before we do anything else, we set aside 10% of our gifts to be given to causes beyond Broadway.  Not counting our Local Benevolence offerings of  over $10,000 in 2014, we contributed over $112,000 to causes outside Broadway.

In addition to a portion of missions gifts set aside for "Hands On Missions," projects and ministries in which Broadway members are directly involved, here is where your missions gifts go. (Note that each percentage point equals just over $1,000.):