Kate Godwin

As an unmarried and childless twenty-something, it is incredibly easy for me to make my whole life about, well, me. What do I need to do today? Where is my career headed toward? When is it convenient for me to fit that other task into my schedule? None of these questions are inherently bad in and of themselves, but when those are the only kinds of questions I ever have to ask, it becomes easy to get lost in my own little world with my own little problems. However, I don't think this is how God has called us to think, and it is certainly not how Jesus modeled that we should live. For this reason especially, I feel incredibly blessed for being able to play at least a small part in the ministries at Broadway. Setting aside at least a fraction of my time to think about others and their perspectives and life situations truly helps me to remember that all of those pesky, nagging issues throughout the day are only a tiny part of a much bigger picture, as my life is only a tiny part of God's greater plan.

For instance, I have gotten to help teach high school Sunday School for about a year and a half now, and have been constantly reminded through that experience that age should never be a limiting factor in the depth of one's faith. It is amazing to hear some of the wisdom and fresh perspectives that the youth have to offer, and I am always humbled by the love they have for each other and the bond that they have all developed through different acts of communal worship. On the opposite end of the spectrum, co-leading an adult book discussion has really opened my eyes to much of the experiential-based wisdom that so many who have already passed my stage of life have acquired. I love to see how the search for something more that began years ago for many is still so alive and just as much of a mystery in their lives today, and can only hope that I will be able to be just as much of a seeker at that stage in my own life when the time arrives. Similarly, serving on the Missions Committee has allowed me to see the inner-workings and design of how the church is to collectively reach out to others, which is such an interesting and evolving work of wisdom developed by numerous generations of Broadway members. Even the occasional act of preparing communion for Sunday morning services comes with its own reward; I cannot help but think about how much of a beautiful reminder it is to Christians today, and how incredible it is that it has reached and connected so very many believers for two thousand years. All of these experiences together have been such a blessing in my life, reminding me that there is so much more to God's expansive creation than I could ever imagine. I may still have a long way to go before I truly know what it means to walk in the path of Christ, but with each of these baby steps in that direction that Broadway has been wonderful enough to provide, I do believe that I understand at least a little more about why He wants to lead us down that road. And for this earthly life at least, that is more than enough for me.