Jeff Sanders

My family has not needed much support in the past. Sure, we are guided by the bible study, the wonderful music ministries, the dynamic youth ministries and the dazzling insight of the weekly sermon. But we as a family have been pretty low maintenance until last summer. We had two major events in our family. My mother in law, Joanne Wagoner was diagnosed with cancer in late June and she passed away only three weeks later. And our daughter, Emily was preparing to leave for college when she had an accident that required two surgeries just before she was to leave town. 

These circumstances have allowed others to minister to us in ways that we were not used to. The ministerial staff was amazing in its support on all fronts. Chris Caldwell, Susan and Robert supported Joanne in her illness and her last days. They really gave her peace. They supported the family as we dealt with her illness and then her subsequent death. And then Susan Reed and Chris Liles supported Emily while she was in the emergency room and then in the hospital recuperating. We have not needed to see this side of their ministry. But make no mistake. They were great!

The congregation…the community that is Broadway Baptist… was incredibly supportive as well. I know that in the past, my family has provided meals to others but I, for one, did not understand the full benefit of those meals. People did not ask what could be done, they just did it. They provided support for my family in the wake of Joanne’s death. They visited Emily in the hospital and really lifted her spirits when she was down. In short, they were the voice and hands of Christ. And we felt that. Broadway lifted us up when we really needed a lift.