Testimony - April 10 - Lee Lester

Lee Lester Testimony

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Good morning,

I’d like to thank Robin Riddle and Walter Jones on their leadership during the Capital Campaign process;  to see their faces light up when talking about Broadway, after all these years – it’s not only contagious, it’s truly inspirational.

I am from a small town just south of Lexington and from the time I was born until I turned 18, I went to the same little country Church that was actually pastored by Susan Reed’s father – Brother Don. 

When I think back to my childhood, my most fond memories and core values stem from growing up at Bruner’s Chapel Baptist Church.  However – upon graduation and ultimately moving to Louisville I came to the stark realization that there were not hundreds of Bruner’s Chapels sprinkled throughout Kentucky.  My wife and I moved from Church to Church, never finding a place to truly call home – that is until we walked through the front doors and into the beautiful sanctuary at Broadway; and that’s the reason I’m giving.

I am giving because I want my daughters, Lucy and Lane, to have the same fun, exciting, spiritual, Christian upbringing and memories that I hold so dear.  I love when I tuck Lucy and Lane in to bed at night – they know Miss Heidi made them that blanket.  I am excited about Curtis and Patrick teaching them about Jesus.  And I am thankful for all the strong, graceful, Christian women we have at Broadway for Lucy and Lane to look up to and grow with.

On behalf of the Capital Campaign committee – we are excited to announce that every deacon has affirmed their commitment, and we encourage you – when it is time to fill out that pledge card – to think back to your first love of Broadway and what is it that has kept you coming for all these years. 

No story or reason for giving will be the same but I think we can all agree – There is a lot to be proud of and thankful for here at Broadway Baptist Church.

Thank You,

-Lee Lester