Welcome Glenna Metcalfe!

I come from a strong Georgetown College family, and had the joy of graduating there as an Organ Major in 1985, followed by a Master’s Degree in Organ Performance from U of L in 1987. I am a middle school music and chorus teacher in Georgetown and have exciting but tiring days with 275 kids who are involved in the choral program there. In addition to my teaching, I had the great joy and privilege of serving as the part-time Minister of Music and Worship at Faith Baptist Church for the past 20 years. Leaving this very creative, musical congregation was undoubtedly the hardest thing I have ever done, but I felt I needed a slower rhythm to my daily routine.

I am a Baptist preacher’s kid, and even at my present age, that is still a large part of my identity and one that I carry proudly and lovingly. I grew up in Beaver Dam Baptist Church where my father served as a pastor for 40 years. When I was in the 6th grade, I walked into our church sanctuary for evening worship, and the organist was sitting near the door. I stopped to talk to him for a moment and made the casual remark that I would enjoy learning to play the organ sometime. He took it as a challenge that very day to give of himself, and that began a Sunday afternoon routine of organ lessons, chocolate chip ice cream, and a visit with him and his wife. As I progressed, this loving church organist began taking me to nearby cities for organ lessons, which were all funded by these dear people--not because they had to or felt they needed to, but because they wanted to. That was their gift to me--a gift that has forever changed and impacted my life. Now, that gift has led me to you, the people of Broadway Baptist Church, and I look forward to getting to know you and worshiping with you. 

My husband, Robert, works at Toyota Manufacturing and has been there for 21 years. He is so talented, whether it be cooking, woodworking, landscaping.and the list goes on and on. We have 3 daughters who have blessed our lives immensely. Elizabeth just recently received her Master’s Degree in Art History from School of the Art Institute in Chicago; she loves Chicago, is very city savvy, and has chosen to live there. Emily is a Junior at Georgetown College majoring in Sociology and is looking forward to studying abroad this Spring at Oxford University in England; she loves to play ukelele and the guitar, and sing. Erin is a Senior in high school and is a captain for the Lady Cards Lacrosse team and is highly involved in band and chorus; she keeps us laughing. We have a Golden Retriever puppy named Scout who is cute, but very high maintenance!

Through my years, God has sent people, places, and opportunities into my life, and now, you are a part of my story. I thank God for you.