Lenten Worship

This Lenten season is for us a time of discernment as a congregation.  Where is God leading us?  Who is God calling us to be?  As you prepare for worship, and as we prepare to follow God, meditate on this prayer, written by Ken Cox, a member of our Discernment Team, a group of volunteers helping to guide our church through this process: Lord, grant us the confidence to be who we are, and the courage to be who we are not.

Lenten Music Schedule for March:

March 1:   Chancel Choir, Piano Soloist
March 8:   Chancel Choir and Bassoon Soloist from the Louisville Orchestra
March 15:  Chancel Choir and Young Adult Ensemble 
March 22:  Youth Choir and Youth Bells
March 29:  Chancel Choir, Horn Soloist from Louisville Orchestra, Children’s Choir

Holy Week Services:

March 29 – Palm Sunday Celebration
           The congregation will gather outside to participate in the Palm Sunday Processional
           The Chancel Choir and Children’s choir will sing
April 2 – Maundy Thursday Service
         We will gather in the sanctuary for a Tenebrae Service
April 5 – Resurrection Sunday
         The Chancel Choir and Soloists will sing selected songs from the Resurrection section (Part 3) of Handel’s Messiah.