January, 2015 — Dr. Chris Caldwell, Pastor

As the year ends, here are a few things for which I am thankful:

— Volunteers who have made Broadway's ministries possible.  I am especially thankful for this year's deacon officers and coordinators, who have been active in leading and serving our church. They are in the photo located below. Also pictured is Polly Stone, who has volunteered hours every week for eight years as our Church Treasurer. Thanks goes out also to Barbara Taylor (Assistant Treasurer) and Charlsey Lowdenback (Counting Team member), who are both stepping aside after many years of service. My thanks to these leaders and all the volunteers who are Broadway's lifeblood.

—The outstanding team of ministers and other staff with whom I serve.

—Our musicians and volunteer decorators who have made Advent such a rich experience.

—My family, including my parents.  Greg Miller is the son of Broadway Baptist's Barbara Miller, and he recently released another book of poetry (The Sea Sleeps: New & Selected Poems, Paraclete Press).  These lines speak for me:

The love between my father
And my mother undergirding me,
Sending me gently forth guarded.

May God bless you and yours this Christmas!