Kendrick Wells

I have never seen God, but in faith I have seen the tall grass part as Christ came near.

I have read the Book in faith and experienced the Christ Spirit coming to my side and living in my heart.

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In moments of faith in God through the Christ, Christ is the center that gives sense and peace to life and vision of all neighbors as my community, and lights the way of the Cross by Spirit love.

In Broadway, I have known joy in life with the wife God gave me in Broadway only yesterday, 1972.

I have known the security of the accepting and supporting fellowship of men and women living in faith and unified by loving each other in the name of the Christ who is crucified and resurrected;

I have seen the dynamic of the congregation turning its loving unity outward, welcoming all and sending disciples into the neighborhood to carry God’s unconditional acceptance in ministry to all neighbors; and

I have seen worship in word and music infused with the Spirit and pointing forcefully to the Good News that God unconditionally accepts and loves us and calls us to love God and neighbor.

I have never seen a perfect church, but at Broadway I have seen a welcoming church that is formed and reformed by free participation of its members as they look to the Spirit for leadership and the courage of self-examination. 

I have never seen God, but in Broadway I have seen the tall grass bend in the warm Spirit wind of God with us.