Brittany Lin Ritter

In my life, faith thrives from everything family. Family is how I came to faith, it is how my life is changed through faith, and it is why I live out my faith through Broadway. 25 years ago, I was born into a family of faith to my parents, Steve and Sharon Lin. The two of them had grown up at Broadway themselves and had established a deep rooted dedication to this church.

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Growing up as a child, youth, and young adult I have come to faith by celebrating God’s love and will for my family and the family we joined at Broadway. My faith influences my daily life as I battle with everyday temptations that cross my journey. Being a kindergarten teacher, you may think that my faith journey has been easy. Kindergarten is about rainbows and butterflies, right? Of course not. We know as Christians that nothing on Earth is that simple. My faith carries me and, when I feel lost, both my family and Broadway family step in to comfort and encourage me to strive on with God’s will for my life. I choose to live out my faith at Broadway.

Just like a family, there are the best of times and the worst of times. Families argue and disagree, but family is family. My Broadway family and I have not always agreed, but it is my family. When I chose to follow Christ I did so because of the people at this church. My family and my church family have been the fuel to my faith and as Christians we should not only reach out to others who need a family; but, we must take care of our own as well. The Broadway family that I have known is a church that does just that. This is why my family - my church family - is the story of my faith.