Charline Kimbell

The Faith of A Child

I will never forget a little nine year old southern girl, many years ago, standing on a river bank, as she waited her turn to be baptized.  She had on a tiny, short dress and no shoes. Her thoughts were rambling back to the many times her mother and her Aunt Jessie had taken her to Sunday School, Bible School and Sunbeam Band, where she was taught to have faith in Jesus. That place where she stood then was to please Him.

When it was her turn, a big man, her minister, extended his hand and led her into the river.  He placed a white handkerchief over her mouth and nose, raised his right hand into the sky and prayed to God just before immersing her into the water.

When she was lifted out, she heard her family and friends all along the river bank, clapping and rejoicing over her decision.

Her mother then quickly whisked her away and changed her into dry clothes.  Meanwhile, the other mothers spread table cloths under a big Oak tree and fixed a picnic of fried chicken, green beans, potato salad, slaw and cakes of all flavors at least 10” high. 

She spent the afternoon romping and playing with the other children, a chicken leg in one hand and a brownie in the other, and she had never been happier.

That little girl was me and I am still trying to please God here at Broadway Baptist Church, with my wonderful family and friends, as my faith continues to grow from that day long ago, on a river bank, in Eastern Kentucky.

Charline Kimbell