Carolyn Sisk

Carolyn Sisk—Every Story Matters

When Audy and I moved to Louisville 32 years ago, we visited several Baptist churches.  We knew on our first visit to Broadway that she would be our choice to raise our children and provide us with the spiritual formation opportunities we were seeking. 
Our mentors were Clyde and Marilyn White who invited us into their home on several occasions and helped us feel a part of Broadway.  We joined the Ed Perry class which was large and filled with seminary professors (Andy Lester was one of our teachers) and many young adults who welcomed us.  It was a wonderful beginning.
Our faith and friendships grew through the years.  When our son died in 2001, the support from Broadway was overwhelming and was what we needed to deal with the loss of a child. I was hospitalized in 2010 for ovarian cancer and my mother’s death occurred the day before I was released.  The members of Broadway sent cards, food and many offers to help. I loved those cards. They contained expressions of faith and comfort and each day I looked forward to going to the mailbox and reading them. I received a prayer shawl from the Broadway Knitters and it was a comfort when I felt low and an inspiration when I prayed.   
When we acknowledge and support each other in the challenges and changes of life, each of us grows stronger. Broadway’s worship services, ministries, music, community service and outreach flow into our city.  We are blessed to be participants in Broadway’s history.