Broadway's Story Matters
2019 Stewardship Campaign

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Broadway has come a long way since its founding in 1870 and relocation to Brownsboro Road in 1949. In recognition of that deep heritage, the theme for our 2019 Stewardship Campaign is The Promise of our Future. One thing that has remained constant over our nearly 150 year history is the generosity of Broadway's congregation. The goal of the Stewardship Campaign is to inspire and encourage investment of time, talents, and treasures as we begin to write Broadway's story going forward.

Check this page for ongoing information about the Stewardship Campaign throughout September and October!


Stories of Blessing

Broadway Baptist Church members took the time to reflect on how being a part of Broadway Baptist Church has blessed their lives. Click here to read their stories and discover anew how Broadway's Story Matters.

2017-18 Ministry Plan

Each year our congregation creates a Ministry Plan to guide our work. This year, our Ministry Plan has a theme: Prayer and Blessing. This theme is woven into much of what we will be doing in the three areas that are the primary focus of the church mission statement: worship, fellowship, and service. Check out the Ministry Plans to see how your investment in Broadway will be put to work!


How to Give

There are many ways to give, including automatic bank withdrawals and online giving. For instructions on how to give, please follow the link above!


Every Story Matters

Broadway’s story is important to us all, but our church wouldn’t be what it is without our devoted and faithful members. Read about some of our beloved members’ stories here.