2020 Stewardship Campaign

Broadway was founded in 1870 and through the years we have worked to tell God’s story . Now, almost 150 years later, we continue to be inspired by the same Holy Spirit-not to set sail-but to stand firm, faithfully serving our community and city for good. We continue to build on our firm foundation where God founded Broadway for good in 1870 - permanence and purpose. Our purpose is to be a family of grace bearing witness to the God whose Good News Story makes every story matter. Yet, our permanence is in the hands of the One who laid the cornerstone at the beginning and who is still calling us to be good stewards of our resources and our story. We believe this is a story worth telling.

The Staff and Finance Committee are preparing to dream about, write up, and vote on our 2020 budget. After this work, we as a congregation will vote together in Business Meeting to say, if in the affirmative, “We believe this is how God is calling us to steward our resources this year.” Before this business of the church can be authorized, we each have some work to do. We as a church need to pledge our budget for 2020 so the leadership knows how to allocate resources for missions and ministry. As individuals and as family units, we come to a time of commitment. We look to the year ahead to prayerfully and purposely discern what level of giving we are able to commit to the work here at Broadway.


Stories of Blessing

Broadway Baptist Church members took the time to reflect on how being a part of Broadway Baptist Church has blessed their lives. Click here to read their stories and discover anew how Broadway's Story Matters.

How to Give

There are many ways to give, including automatic bank withdrawals and online giving. For instructions on how to give, please follow the link above!

Every Story Matters

Broadway’s story is important to us all, but our church wouldn’t be what it is without our devoted and faithful members. Read about some of our beloved members’ stories here.