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  1. St. Stephen is providing lunch free of charge for all who stay for the 30 minute educational presentation after worship.
  2. PARKING IS BEING SAVED FOR US at the corner of 15th and Garland, and St. Stephen deacons will be there to help guide Broadway folks to worship. 


On May 15, Pentecost Sunday, Broadway will gather for worship with St Stephen (Baptist) Church at
1018 S.15th Street.

Why are we doing this? We are sending a message of love by our presence. God said to Joshua, "As I
was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you. Be strong and of good courage"
(Joshua 1:56a). God’s presence with us grants us the privilege of in turn practicing what has been called
a “Ministry of Presence.” Our presence will minister to St. Stephen by showing them a congregationnot
merely a delegation who values them and the people of west Louisville. The Pentecost worship will also
bless us by allowing us to experience God speaking in the “language” of a different congregation. And, not
to be overlooked: It’s going to be a joy filled experience!

Why aren’t we also worshiping at Broadway? The deacons considered this but felt a service at
Broadway would reduce a generous gesture by a congregation to a small gesture by a delegation.
How will we get there? We will meet at Broadway and carpool. We are gathering the names of people
who would like a ride and people who are willing to provide one. We will have assigned vehicles in
advance for everyone who wants a ride.

Is the facility handicap accessible? Yes, there are no steps to navigate and the sanctuary is modern.

Is there childcare? Yes, their childcare meets the same standards and follows the same procedures that
our children’s ministry follows. More details will be communicated to parents of children. If you are not a
parent of a Broadway child, but would like more information, please contact Emily Holladay at or 502.895.2459.

What is the schedule? We will gather for fellowship and prayer in Friendship Hall at 8:30 a.m., before
departing BBC at 9 a.m., for their 9:40 a.m. service. (This is one of three services they have each Sunday.)
The service will end around 11 a.m.. Following worship, we will gather at St. Stephen for a 30 minute
educational time before returning home. St Stephen has volunteered to provide lunch for all those who
stay for this brief presentation on some of the opportunities and challenges. This is not a fundraising
time, simply education.

What will worship be like? Different! You will know some of the music, but the volume level will be
higher. Our pastor and music ministry will be participating, but we will be guests worshiping with them
as they normally worship.

How should I dress and what kind of welcome should I expect? Dress as you normally do at BBC, and
expect a warm welcome, including hugs if you’re the hugging kind of person.

Should I bring an offering? You are welcome to make a contribution during the offering time if you like,
but St. Stephen honestly is not in need of our gifts. Our gift is our presence, and it will be a valuable gift!

What if I choose not to go? You are still welcome to come for the fellowship and prayer time before we
leave, and we ask you to pray for those who will be going.