Luke 12:49-56 - "Family Feud"

Synopsis: Jesus brings the heat by pointing out the family conflict that will come as the reality of the Gospel sinks into people’s hearts and imaginations. In pagan religious traditions, often family’s had house gods or idols they worshipped as a family, and pledging allegiance to the Kingdom of God does not allow the worship of any other gods (whether Apollo, Aphrodite, Baal, success, money, or teams whether athletic or political). At some point, bifurcated loyalties will split hearts and households. Loyalty to just anyone or anything is not a virtue, and Christ calls us to live with love, grace, and justice for all, even when that creates conflict in a family system. Yet, as the Family of God, we a new beloved community not bound by blood and familial ties, but through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus reconciling us together as the one human family promised by God.

Keywords: Jesus, prophetic, family, conflict, grace, justice, loyalty, allegiance, honor, glory, care, love, Kingdom of God, Family of God