“Love Sunday: Carol through the Chaos" - Micah 5:2-5a

Text: Micah 2:2-5a


Synopsis: The sermon preached by the prophet Micah, which we hear in Handel’s Messiah and understand retroactively as a Messianic prophesy about Jesus, is a hopeful word to the Hebrew people in their darkest hour. As the armies of Assyria beat on the doors of Zion, Micah reminds the people of God’s past promises and future plans to bring restoration, peace, and justice to the whole human family through the little town of Bethlehem. Even in the most chaotic of times, the God of Promise invites us to continue to carol and sing songs of love and liberation as we work to build the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. So, don’t let anyone steal your song as you carol through the chaos of life.

Keywords: Advent, Christmas, love, chaos, stress, peace, prophetic, Messiah, songs, singing, hope, Kingdom of God