March 18, 2018


Christian sympathy is extended to the family of Suzanne Turney, who passed away on Monday, March 12. Her funeral was held on Friday, March 16. 



  • Ken Woolet, Norton Suburban, No Visitors

Prayer Concerns

  • Christian sympathy is extended to Shelly Jones in the death of her cousin Cam Dowdle.
  • John McCall, recent hospitalization
  • Betty Sauer, recent hospitalization
  • Maxine Storment, undergoing rehab
  • Larey Eubanks, Matt Ridge’s uncle, Hospice
  • Rebecca Stark, health concerns
  • Marynan Mudd, undergoing rehab
  • Mary Sue Howell, recent hospitalization
  • Wayne Griffin, recent hospitalization
  • Dorane Horner, recent hospitalization
  • Ann Hearn, Jim Nolen’s sister, health concerns
  • Anna May Scholla, Carol Lundberg’s mother, health concerns
  • C.L. Huling, health concerns
  • Jerald Ritchey, Carolyn Sisk’s brother, health concerns
  • Hazel Hieronymous, health concerns
  • June Honeycutt, health concerns


Prayer concerns remain on the list for one month unless renewed. To extend a prayer listing, please call the church office. 

Deacons on call for hospitalization visitation:

March 11 - March 17, Ken Cox 

March 18 - March 24, Tom Burress 




For an updated listing of Prayer Concerns, please call the church office at 502.895.2459.





  • Captain Brad Dooley, U.S. Army—great nephew of Jerry Dooley (Savannah, Ga.)
  • HM1 (FMF) IDC John Lowe, U.S. Navy—son-in-law of  Jenny Snyder (Chicago, Ill.)
  • 2nd LT Katheryn M. Nolen, U.S. Army - granddaughter of Jim and Dorothy Nolen (Ft. Benning, Ga.)
  • SFC Chris Mudd, U.S. Army - son of Marynan Mudd, Ft. Bliss, (El Paso, Tex.) 


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