Wednesday, November 22, 2017



· Christian sympathy is extended to Esther and Sewell Long in the death of Esther’s mother on Saturday, November 18.




· Curtis Smith, Norton Brownsboro, following a procedure



Prayer Concerns

  • · Beulah Rogers, health concerns
  • · Gail Griffith, recent outpatient back surgery
  • · June Honeycutt, Sam Swope Rehab
  • · Bill Marshall, home following rehab
  • · Phillip Clemons, recent accident
  • · Dorane Horner (Becky Short’s daughter), health concerns
  • · Terry McMahon (Frank and Heidi Hilliard’s friend), health concerns
  • · Dick Brown, undergoing rehab at home following surgery
  • · Rebecca Stark, living with her daughter following rehab
  • · Anna May Scholla (Carol Lundberg’s mother), health concerns
  • · C. L. Huling, health concerns




 Robert Dixon is the deacon-on-call for hospital visitationfor the week:  November 27 - December 3





  • Captain Brad Dooley, U.S. Army—great nephew of Jerry Dooley (Savannah, Ga.)
  • HM1 (FMF) IDC John Lowe, U.S. Navy—son-in-law of  Jenny Snyder (Chicago, Ill.)
  • 2nd LT Katheryn M. Nolen, U.S. Army - granddaughter of Jim and Dorothy Nolen (Ft. Benning, Ga.)


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