Pastoral Prayer - Susan Reed

Holy God, 

We are people who are searching.  

We search for peace in times of chaos.

We search for comfort in pain.

We search for love in the midst of hatred.

Oh God, Help us to remember that we are not alone. 

Help us to remember there are people in this world living in chaos every day: the chaos of war, of family turmoil, of inner struggle.

There are other people in search of comfort – whether it’s from the pain of disease and injury, from the pain of loneliness and isolation, or from the pain of hurt caused by others.

There are people in this world searching for love – love in a city divided by hate, love from their families who have turned them away, love from themselves when they don’t feel worthy.

Help us to remember that we are not alone – that you have promised to be with us. 

Thank you for the times when we have known and felt your peace, comfort, and love. 

Help us to see how we can be instruments of your peace; reaching out to others with our words, our deeds, and arms of love.

May we do all we can to bring comfort to people who are hurting. May we grow in knowledge of your love so that we may share it with all those we meet.