Recollection of Eden Prayer


Pastoral Prayer, May 10, 2015

Broadway Baptist Church

Chris Caldwell, Pastor


There remains in all of us “a faint recollection of Eden.”

                            --Rudolf Bultmann


  • A memory draws us to worship, O God

    • The memory of another time and place

    • The memory of the day you created us

    • The memory of your hand placing us in your garden

  • In our deep-down parts, where the imprint of your image is firmest

    • Our souls hear the birds singing above us

    • Our souls feel the soft grass beneath us

    • Our souls hear the gurgle of a gently flowing river nearby.

  • We carry within us the memories of simpler, purer times as well, this side of Eden.

    • Times as children at our mother’s knee, or at the knee of another who was our mother

    • Warm words cooed down upon us

      • We are “special”

      • We are “loved”

  • We thank you O God for Eden, and for small reflections of Eden along our way

  • But Eden is not gone because you destroyed it; we did.

    • On that fateful day we chose not what was good, but what was evil.

    • And between us and you, since that day

      • We have planted forests of manipulation

      • We have amassed mountains of greed

      • We have wandered far from the purity of your garden and pillaged the wilderness trying to replace what we lost.

    • In short, we have almost forgotten who we are.

  • And so we ask you to remind us

    • Remind us of our Eden selves.

    • Remind us we were created to reflect your image, not to reject your will.

  • May the breath of your Spirit blow upon the embers of our memories

    • and renew the warmth of knowing the simple truth that we are loved.

  • Help us, in this hour of worship, to tarry a while in Eden

    • Help us to pause long enough there to drink from the pure river of your grace

    • Help us to pull from the trees around us the nurturing fruit of what is right and pure

    • And forgive us for the many times and many ways we have instead snatched at forbidden fruit.

  • God of healing, hear our prayers for those who are sick

  • God of strength, hear our prayers for their caregivers

  • God of justice, hear our prayers for those who are hungry

  • God of courage, hear our prayers for those who are frightened

  • God of comfort, hear our prayers for those who are lonely

  • God of serenity, hear our prayers for those who are angry