Easter Prayer

Pastoral Prayer, Broadway Baptist Church
Easter Sunday
Rev. Chris Caldwell

God of new life, we have come again to the foot of the cross.
We are gathered as a motley crowd of best-day saints and worst-day scoundrels.
We are frail believers, but with hope in the promise of newness of life.
Lord, we are so far from, and yet so much like, the crowd at the foot of your son’s cross:
          We are modern-day lepers hoping for healing
          We are twenty-first century centurions doubting our strength
          We are Christian Pharisees sensing our hypocrisy
          We are today’s mourners, fearful of life without someone we need and love.
Lord, we are so far from, and yet so much like, the women walking toward your son’s tomb:
          Coming to church too much out of obligation
          Walking through the doors with too little anticipation
          Going through the motions, dutifully, faithfully, but not all that expectantly.
So surprise us now as you surprised them then.
Send us away in amazement
Not sure of what to say
Fearful that what we have experienced is too much for another to believe.
Lord, today take us beyond the motions.
Don’t just nudge us in the right direction.
Set us on higher ground.
Don’t just spiff up our lives.
Change us.
Redeem us.
Raise us even as you raised your son,
So that we, too, might walk in newness of life.