"Sustain Us"

Pastoral prayer, April 19, 2015

Rev. Chris Caldwell

Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville

  • O God, you sustain us in so many ways

    • Air to breathe

    • Food to eat

    • Money to spend

    • Sustain us by granting us

      • Friends

      • Family

      • Healthy bodies

      • Clear minds

    • For these gifts, we offer you our thanks.

  • And today we ask you to sustain us also by granting us your grace

    • Grace to see clearly

    • Grace to confess honestly

    • To decide wisely

    • Cry sincerely

    • Forgive freely

    • Heal fully

    • Mourn hopefully

    • And grace even to laugh heartily

  • Hear our prayers today for those who may feel distant from your grace.  May you grant grace to:

    • Those whose bodies are so broken they find it difficult to imagine healing

    • Those whose grief is so deep, they find it hard to see hope on the horizon,

    • Those whose loneliness is so profound, they find it hard to see friends in their future

    • Those whose guilt is so troubling, they find it hard to accept mercy for their sin.

    • And hear our prayers for those who remain far from you

      • May they discover the truth that you are their rock and their foundation

      • And if they are in need of a guide, may we not be bashful in offering our help.

  • And we pray these words not as perfect people

    • We have sins enough to confess; this is sure

    • We have wandered far from your path; this is sure

    • But sure, too, is your grace and your forgiveness

      • And so now we claim that grace

      • and we claim your sustaining strength, as we prayer the prayer your son taught us to pray…..