"Grant Us"

Pastoral Prayer, Broadway Baptist Church
March 15, 2015
Chris Caldwell, Pastor

God grant us

Humility consistent with your grandeur
Civility consistent with our faith

Contrition in light of our sin
Thankfulness in light of your blessings

Grant us 

Hope in the presence of grief
Strength in the presence of pain
Peace in the presence of confusion

Spur us to

Protest injustice
Forgive imperfection
Shun indifference

Help us when 

Sin sings sweetly
Greed tugs strongly
Hate poisons surely

When life is too much, carry us
When our faith is too little, encourage us
When our heads are too big, humble us

Lead us toward

Living the teachings of Moses
Praying the words of the psalmist
Trusting in the way of Mary
Living in the way of Christ

Hear our prayers for

Peace among nations, and within our nation
Wisdom among leaders, and commitment among followers
Healing of bodies, and calming of minds

And now, O God, as we continue in worship
May we come to you as we are
So we might leave better than we were