Mirror Prayer

All of us today grieve with the people of France.  In recognition of this, at the end of today’s pastoral prayer, we will do the Lord’s Prayer a bit differently.  Although I do not speak French, I will offer the first line of the prayer in French, and then you will join with me in saying the rest of the prayer together in English

  • Sometimes, O God, when we look in the mirror, we do not like what we see.
    • Physically, we wish we were more attractive
    • Mentally, we wish we were smarter
    • Financially, we wish we were better off
    • Emotionally, we wish we were happier
  • And we see ourselves this way because we allow others to be our mirrors
    • The ads hold up unrealistic expectations of beauty
    • Other people tell us we do not count unless we excel
    • We get down on ourselves because others convince us that good people live on top of the world.
  • And so help us to allow you to be our mirror
    • Allow us to see ourselves through your lens of grace
    • Show us we are worthy of love for who we are, not for what we produce
    • Show us our beauty is in how we love others, not in how others perceive our looks
    • Help us to see who we are capable of being, and may your grace allow us to leave behind the moments when we have been less than who we are.
  • And help us also, O God, to be mirrors of grace and mercy to others
    • May we reflect back to them the image you have of them
    • Help us to value people for the right reasons
    • To affirm in them the right things
    • To forgive in them the same imperfections you forgive in us.
  • And now, O God, may your spirit abide with all those who
    • are sick
    • or troubled
    • or tired
    • or fearful
    • or lonely
    • or confused
  • And may your spirit abide especially with the people of our friend France, and may you hear us as we pray silently for them and for all those grieving around the world:


Notre Père, qui est aux cieux! Que ton nom soit sanctifié.

Thy kingdom come...