Veteran's Day Pastoral Prayer

Chris Caldwell, Pastor

Loving Heavenly Father, we come on Veterans Day to offer our prayers for those in uniform now and in the past.   Gathered as we are in the name of love and peace, it is with some uneasiness we offer prayers for those trained in the ways of war.   
Even so, we give thanks today for men and women who have served our nation,  
For people for whom the word loyalty has real meaning,
People who have given themselves for a cause greater than themselves,
People who have risked their lives for someone else,
People who have acknowledged that there are things in this world worth dying for, and that one of those things is the person in the line beside them.
We pray especially for veterans home recently from war who have sacrificed much, many of whom struggle to handle strong emotions, or who struggle to retrain broken bodies.   
Lord, we live in a culture that demands little of us, but still we ask that you would nurture within us a sense of loyalty, honor, and duty.
That you would call us beyond our selfishness so that we would also be willing to put someone else’s needs above our own.   
That you would help us to see that our calling to follow you is not to be taken lightly, and that we cannot simply cast aside for convenience sake the duty of a Christian to forgive, to love, and to be honest.