Wednesday Night Dinner Thank You

Every Wednesday afternoon by 4 p.m., activity starts in the Kitchen and Friendship Hall at Broadway. A few volunteers arrive and begin cutting lemons, fixing water and tea dispensers, cutting and plating desserts (everyone’s favorite), and putting ice in glasses. 

Many of the volunteers have been doing this for years. They volunteer one Wednesday night a month, from start of school year to end of school year, which is eight or nine times a year. There’s conversation, fellowship, and even a little sampling. If you come to Wednesday Night Dinner, you have seen these volunteers. 

On June 7, they were recognized at a luncheon at Phyllis McCoy’s home, with Tina Burress and Gracious Plenty Catering preparing the meal (just like on Wednesday nights). These volunteers are: Susan Hodapp, Jane Martin, Glenda Thomas, Connie Rogers, Terry Roberts, Barbara Taylor, Sharkey Arnett, Becky Short, Leona Montgomery, Eleanor Buhl, Betty Herin, Sharon Davis, Jeannie Wakefield, Debby Griffin, Doris Claiborne, Martha Watson, Phyllis McCoy, Jean Henry, Betty Newcomer and Donna Williams.

Next time you see them, say, “Thank You” for their continued service to Broadway and to those that enjoy our Wednesday Night Dinners.  

~ Donna Williams