Thank You: Family Scholar House

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, participants, and staff of Family Scholar House, I want to thank you for your gift of $1,065.98, which we received on 4/28/17. Your generosity supports our mission to break the cycles of poverty and homelessness through education and career development.

Spring is a time of blossoming, as trees and plants that have prepared for so many months to realize their beauty finally sprout into their full potential. Similarly, this spring, we will celebrate 64 single parent scholars who have prepared for so many years, completing their degrees and sprouting on to their next successful step in life. Thank you for joining us to nurture our student parents and their children in reaching their full potential.

Thank you again for joining us in empowering disadvantaged single parents to reach their full potential and instilling a love for learning in their children. We encourage you to get to know some of the participants that your donation supports by visiting our blog,

Thank you for your generous support for our special families. Please keep our graduates in your prayers as we celebrate their success!

Cathe Dykstra
Chief Possibility Officer
President & CEO, Family Scholar House