Resignation Letter — Matthew Thompson

Dear Broadway Baptist Church,

Almost four years ago, I started working as a temporary hire for Broadway, not really knowing how long I would be staying, or what would be coming next. I settled in and started to help where I saw a need and kept going. Through the years, Broadway has supported my family in numerous ways — as expressed by Emily and myself in the last newsletter. We felt God had placed us both in positions where we could be surrounded by love and support through situations we could not have imagined.  

At the same time, over these years, Broadway has also supported me as I kept moving forward, continuing to better myself and my skillset. Throughout, I have been self-studying toward a career in Software Development. As of Friday, March 31, I was offered and accepted a new position as a Junior Software Developer at El Toro (Internet Targeting Company) here in Louisville. My last day at Broadway will be Friday, April 14. With your encouragement, I am excited to start down this new path and see what adventures lie ahead.

I cannot thank Broadway enough for everything and everyone I have come to know in this time. My hope is that these relationships continue and I will be praying for each of you as an extension of my church family.

Thank you.
All the best,

Matt Thompson