CBF Fellows

Dear Fellows Congregation:

August 22-25th, your minister participated in the first session of the 2016-2018 Cohort of CBF Fellows in Decatur, Ga. We had a fantastic week of learning, fellowshipping, and creating community. The faculty of CBF Fellows takes seriously our call to work with these young ministers to help them thrive as ministers today and throughout their lives.

The focus of our time during this first session had to do with Stance – the systems that shape you including family of origin, stresses in ministry and modes of interaction with others. Topics we discussed included improvisational leadership, self-care, understanding the assessment tool Workplace Big Five, Family & Congregational Systems, coaching, and time management tools.

As the Director of CBF Fellows, I believe that spiritual formation of our ministers is a key part of the investment CBF offers to young ministers transitioning from seminary to full-time congregational ministry. Supporting the entire curriculum and program of CBF Fellows is a discernment process based on Dawnings – Welcoming a New Day in Your Church’s Missional Journey. Through Dawnings, the cohort is encouraged to participate in the three processes of Forming, Engaging, and Visioning – a rhythm for ministry we believe invites God into all parts of their life.

If you have not had the opportunity to read recent blog posts about this first session, I encourage you to click here to read about the cohort or click here to read CBF Fellow Emily Holladay’s reflection.

I am grateful for your congregation which sees the value of investing in your minister’s continuing education. Thank you for providing the time-off and the space for them to work collaboratively with other ministers. Our work with young Baptists is important and CBF Fellows is one means for us to demonstrate our commitment to your congregation’s health and to the hard work of ministry.

As we continue this two-year journey as a cohort, know that I am available to you to receive feedback as well as to hear any successes or challenges you face that CBF Fellows may be able to support or at the very least hold in prayer. May God’s hope and love sustain today and in the future as you continue to share the love of Christ with the world.


Rev. Joshua M. Speight Director,
CBF Fellows