Update on the Ministry Alignment Plan

This note comes to you from your Personnel Committee, and has been approved by your deacons.

The Personnel Committee and Deacons wish to thank the congregation for the excellent conversation we are having about Broadway’s mission, Broadway’s future, and Broadway’s needs. We have asked you to engage with us in considering where God is leading us, and you have done so enthusiastically!

A strong majority of the church stands ready to pivot toward the future, even as we honor the strengths of our past. We believe Broadway will form a strong consensus behind a staffing model designed to achieve these goals, once we have incorporated your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions fully, and once we have further conversations about what such a model would look like. 

But we do not want to rush this process. We want the congregation to be able to embrace more fully than it can right now a new ministry alignment model for our church. We have, therefore, elected not to call for a vote on a model prematurely.  Instead, the deacons have appointed an ad hoc team to complete the process of incorporating your thoughts into a revised ministry alignment plan before submitting it to the congregation. This process will begin immediately and continue into the first part of 2017. The members of the committee will be appointed by the Deacon Chair in consultation with the Personnel Committee.

As a result of this change of plans, the Town Hall meeting on October 5 will be different than what was originally announced. Bill Wilson will not be present but will join us again after the first of the year. During the October 5 meeting, we will summarize feedback we have received thus far, and outline the process going forward, but the primary purpose of the meeting now will be sharing information and updating you, rather than having a “Town Hall” style discussion.

Thank you again for your active engagement in this conversation, and please remain in prayer for the process and for Broadway’s future!