Capital Campaign and St Stephen

Two things: 1. Thanks to the Capital Campaign Team, 2. Reflections on Pentecost Sunday at St. Stephen.

  1. Thank you again to the congregation for exceeding our half million dollar goal for pledges to our Capital Campaign.  And thanks especially to the outstanding team that made it possible.  At times, I play a crucial role in something good we do, but not this time.  This one was all about the effort of a super team!  The Co-Chairs were Walter Jones and Robin Riddle; Lilly Davis, Lee Lester, and Scott Kimbell worked with staff member Matt Thompson on the communications; Carolyn Sisk and Claudia Wells developed the prayer guides; Jim Ratcliffe assisted with major gifts; Betsy Cherry (Church Business Administrator) provided key support, along with help from the ministers and Carol Lundberg.  My thanks to all of them!
  2. The Spirit clearly moved in worship with St. Stephen Church on Pentecost Sunday!  The outpouring of love and hospitality on the part of their members, and the warmth and openness our members brought into worship, were a tremendous witness to the power of God to bring down barriers that too often separate us.  Especially powerful was the witness of the combined choirs.  The music was fantastic!  Secretary Clinton’s decision to come to the service, which I was informed of the day before the service, certainly made for an interesting element and has since generated a lot of publicity, but the heart of the day for me was the worship and the warmth of Christian fellowship.  Thank you to all who were able to be part of it! (If you'd like to see a note I sent the deacons with more detailed information click here.)