Discipleship/Parent Class Reflections

I am thankful for the opportunity to have joined in the “Sticky Faith” discussions with Susan Reed and several other parents of 3rd-5th grade children in the Discipleship Class led by Emily Holladay and Curtis Barman. In the parent group, we explored the reasons why we want to share our faith with our children. We learned from “Sticky Faith” research how we, as parents, are the biggest influence in whether or not our faith will “stick” with our children when they become adults. We discovered how we, as parents, can be more intentional in connecting our daily family life to our faith and in building stronger relationships with our children. We spoke of both the joys and frustrations of parenting, and we developed a greater sense of community with one another, sharing lots of laughs (and a few tears). I enjoyed the group and our discussions a great deal, and I have found myself being more intentional about certain things with Hayden and Isaac.

When I asked my boys about what they took away from their Discipleship class, they both said they had better understandings of what it means to be a Christian. They also loved learning about the symbolism and meaning of communion and the “behind the scenes” tours of the church when Pastor Chris showed the group the baptistries in the sanctuary and the chapel. 

Again, I am thankful for the concerted effort to create this special, intensive learning opportunity for the children of Broadway and their parents, and I hope it is something we will continue in the future.
~Shelly Jones